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Middle East Studies: Subject Guide: Find Articles

Search tips and research resources for topics in Middle East studies.


BrowZine is an app that allows you to browse, read, and monitor many of the library's scholarly journals in a "newsstand" format:

  • Browse and read journals by subject, easily review tables of contents, and download full articles
  • Create your own personalized bookshelf.
  • Find BrowZine in the Apple App, or Google Play or Amazon App store and dlowload it for free.

other databases

If you are not finding enough information on your topic, try searching the databases on the following related guides:

database search tips

1. For off-campus access, enter your Campus ID and Password at the prompt.

2. Use the Advanced Search option within the database you are using to achieve the best results.

3. Keep your search terms brief and concise.

4. Check your spelling. Library databases do not correct spelling errors.

5. If your first set of search terms doesn't retrieve any results, try using synonyms that describe your topic.

6. You can search for different forms of a word (different word endings of the same word), by typing the first few letters followed by an asterisk. Example:

  • politic* will search for politic, politics, political, politicize, etc.

7. Use double quotation marks around two or more words to search as a phrase. Example:

  • “Arab Spring" 

8. Use the connecting words AND, OR, and NOT to narrow or broaden your search. Examples:

  • liberty AND freedom - to search for articles that include both terms
  • liberty OR freedom - to search for articles that contain either term
  • liberty NOT freedom - to search for articles that contain information about liberty but not freedom

9. You can create more complex searches by using the words AND, OR, NOT, in combination with parentheses. Example:

  • "Arab Spring" AND (Egypt OR Syria)

10. If don’t see a full-text link (HTML full text or PDF), try clicking on the

button to determine whether the article you need is available full-text in another database.  If it is, the Find-It service will direct you to the article. 

Ask a librarian for help if you can't find what you need!