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Psychology 4510: Community Psychology: PART I


Instructions: Answer the following questions about your social problem. Be sure to include an appropriate level of detail in your responses. Please use the bold headings below for the document you turn in.

Social Issue

Write a brief naming the issue. Are there associated terms that you need to consider? This should be no more than 1-2 sentences.

For example, you may want to address the issue of homelessness. One associated term would be housing instability.

Definition of Social Issue

Provide a general definition. If you are planning to focus on a specific aspect of the broader issue or a sub-population affected by the issue, this is the place to discuss it. This should be about a paragraph.

For example, After providing a general definition of homelessness, you might note that you are planning to focus on homeless families.

Annotated Bibliography

Review and summarize Information from at least 3 sources. At least one source must be published in a peer-reviewed journal and describe one or more studies about your social issue. Other sources can include books or chapters published by scholarly presses and documents from websites of reputable agencies that address the social problem (e.g., government agencies such as the CDC, not-for-profit research organizations, such as the Rand Corporation). You may supplement this information with newspaper and magazine articles, but these are in addition to the required 3 sources.

For each of the 3 sources, you will provide the following information (about 1 page each):

  1. Citation in APA format
  2. Summary of the Article/Chapter using the following heading
    1. Research Question
    2. Methodology (required for empirical studies, may not be relevant for review articles)
    3. Main findings (can be in bullet format)
    4. Implications (what do these findings mean for understanding the social issue?)
    5. Future Directions (what are the unanswered questions, what should future research address?)

Integration of Background Research

Based on what you have learned about your social issue, answer the following questions:

  1. Who is affected by the social issue?
  2. How are they affected by the social issue?
  3. Factors that Contribute (Describe at least two factors that contribute to the social issue)
  4. Recommendations (Describe at least 2 recommendations for what can be done about the social issue

A tentative grade will be assigned for the Integration of Background Research portion of Part 1. Students may revise this section based on feedback received from the instructor. Whether or not the student makes revisions to this section, it must be turned in again with Part 2 of the project. If revisions are made, the student must include a note in the assignment dropbox indicating the changes that were made.

Grading Rubric for Background Research


Earned Points

Possible Points

Background Research



Statement and definition of social issue



Source #1: All questions answered fully and succinctly



Source #2: All questions answered fully and succinctly



Source #3: All questions answered fully and succinctly



Grammar, Spelling, APA style: No proper noun mistakes, agreement errors, punctuation errors, spelling errors, etc. Citations in APA style






Integration of Background Research



Scope of the Problem: Identify who is affected by the problem, how many people are affected, and how they are affected.



Factors that Contribute to the Problem: Identify TWO environmental factors that contribute to the problem.



Recommendations for Action



psycinfo database

Best database for scholarly psychology articles.

Empirical Article: Describes one experimental study in detail. Includes literature review, methods, results, discussion, and references sections.

Review Article: Describes the general outcomes of many experimental studies.

Other Databases:

Criminal Justice Abstracts

Criminal Justice Database

Global Health (Public Health)

Race Relations Abstracts

Social Science Database

Social Services Abstracts

Social Work Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts

Women's Studies International

annotated bibliography

Sample (see second page)

scholarly books

From your syllabus:

"Other sources can include books or chapters published by scholarly presses."

Any book published by a university press is scholarly.

Some non-university scholarly book presses:

  • Blackwell
  • Elsevier
  • Kluwer
  • Macmillan/Palgrave
  • Praeger
  • Routledge
  • Sage
  • Springer

For books search the GSU Library catalog.