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Physics & Astronomy: Writing/Publishing

Books on Writing

More of these books are located in the General Collection, call numbers:

  • Q180-180.55
  • Q223
  • T10-11

Citation Management

Why Cite?

  • Avoid plagiarism
  • Give proper credit to the information you use
  • Allow readers to find your sources

Citing Styles

  • Many journals have their own preferred citation styles. Check the “Author Instructions” of the journal to find the citation style required. Then use EndNote to put your references into the journal citing style automatically!
  • AIP Style: used for AIP and other physics/astronomy journals. For details, download the AIP Style Manual as a free PDF or check it out from the library.

    Use EndNote to manage your citations and cite while you write!

    EndNote is a citation management program that lets you:

    • Export citations from databases to EndNote and create your reference database
    • Format your references into the style you selected

    EndNote comes with more than 3,300 predefined bibliographic styles for the leading journals.

    Visit the EndNote Guide to see how to use EndNote.

    Books on Scientific Presentations