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International Resources: Intro

Links and resources to information about foreign governments and international organizations.

Articles, Data, Reports, etc.


This is intended to be a general guide on the topic of international resources. It is not comprehensive, however it is a work in progress so if you have a suggestion for a resource, please contact me.

The best research tip for researching international/global issues is to remember that it is multidiciplinary! Do not restrict yourself. For example, if you are looking for resources on the topic of "Human Rights" it might also be appropriate to look at the resources connected to "Health"; "Crime"; or "Terrorism." Or a research project on a broad global issue such as Economic Growth might start with reading articles on "microloans" which may lead the researcher to review the scholarship connected to a variety of subjects, for example, "Economics of Gender" or "agriculture" or "telecommunications."

If you need assistance locating library resources for your project, contact the librarian specialist for the discipline you are researching.

In researching international organizations today's scholar will spend a lot of time reviewing websites. When considering a website: Make sure the site is authoritative; accurate; objective; current and the coverage is complete. For more on evaluating websites - click here

Just like a book or journal article, websites used in research must be cited. See the library's research guide on citation styles.

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