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Teaching with Primary Sources Workshop: Using Historical Periodicals (JAnderson): Home

Historical Periodical Databases Used in Workshop: Part 1

Part 1:

Part 2:

Historical Periodical Databases Used in Workshop: Part 2 (Subscription)

Historical Periodical Collections Used in Workshop: Part 3 (Freely Available)

Google Magazines includes full-text digitized copies of some historical periodicals. It's a little hit or miss as to what's included, but it's worth checking out... just in case.

Because these are full-text digitizations, searches include the full text of articles and advertisements, so a search in Google's collections may turn up more than a search using a database. (This is definitely the case with Life magazine). 

(Be sure to click the "Search all issues" box!)

These are examples of full-text runs of historical periodicals included in Google.