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Python & Data Analysis

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Workshop Materials

On this page you can find the workshop files for the "Python & Data" workshop series.  In order to engage with the workshop materials directly, please go through the following steps:

  1. Download and install Anaconda:
  2. Download workshop files from the appropriate link in the tabbed section below.
  3. "Extract" or "decompress" or "unzip" the workshop files into your user-directory (or just leave it in the "Downloads" folder)
  4. Open the Anaconda program and, within Anaconda, open Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab
  5. In either Jupyter Lab or Jupyter Notebook, open workshop file ending in "...ipnyb".

Recorded versions of all Research Data Services workshops can be found at the following link:

Download Workshop Files

Download and "extract" / "unzip" / "decompress" the workshop files contained in the ZIP folder.  For the purposes of the workshops, once you have extracted everything, it is easiest to keep the extracted contents in your "Downloads" folder on your computer.