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Python & Data Analysis

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Workshop Recordings

Recorded versions of all Research Data Services workshops can be found at the following link:

Google Colab Workshops

The Python & Data workshop series currently uses the Google Colab platform.  For attendees wishing to actively participate during the workshop, attendees will need to ensure that they have a Google Account. Attendees can use the following "New Notebook" link to test and ensure that they have a working Google Account.  Optionally, the "Google Colab Overview" link 

The following link goes to a Google Colab notebook that provides a very brief overview of how to upload files to Google Colab, connect to Google Drive, and a few other important notes about using Google Colab.

The following links redirect to the Google Colab notebooks used for teaching the Python workshops.  Additionally, there are direct links to the datasets (CSV and Excel) used in the workshops.

Standalone (Anaconda / Jupyter) Workshop Materials

On this page you can find the standalone workshop files for the "Python & Data" workshop series.  Users can open these files using any platform, IDE, or interface capable of opening ".ipynb" files.

For users new to working with Python, the following installation steps are used in the workshop videos:

  1. Download and install Anaconda:
  2. Download workshop files from the appropriate link in the tabbed section below.
  3. "Extract" or "decompress" or "unzip" the workshop files into your user-directory (or just leave it in the "Downloads" folder)
  4. Open the Anaconda program and, within Anaconda, open Jupyter Notebook or Jupyter Lab
  5. In either Jupyter Lab or Jupyter Notebook, open workshop file ending in "...ipnyb".

Standalone Workshop Files