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LibWizardry Workshop: Resources

Resources for creating online tutorials using LibWizard. (Also applicable to other tutorials, such as Guide on the Side.)

Sample Tutorials

Image files

Video addresses

Research Minute: Using the Library - LC Call Numbers from Jessup College 

Georgia State University Library Catalog video

Tutorial Software: LibWizard and Guide on the Side

We are using LibWizard in this workshop. (Thank you, Springshare!)  I have chosen LibWizard because we most of Springshare's products and because LibWizard makes it easy to switch between live websites and other types of content.

Guide on the Side is a free alternative.  To see an article comparing the two, see below.



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Mary Ann Cullen

Conference URLs

Training Archive

LibWizard Workshop Part I gives an orientation to the tutorial interface from the users’ and creator’s points of view. It also talks about various settings and gives some ideas about ways the tutorials could be used. (24 minutes)

LibWizard Workshop Part II is the interactive part that leads participants through the process of creating different parts of a tutorial. There is also a section that talks about planning a tutorial. This part is 47 minutes of video, but will take about 20 additional minutes if you stop the video at the designated spots to create your practice tutorial.

Both parts have a table of contents with timestamps in the video description if you want to skip to a certain segment or use the video for reference, but if you are new to LibWizard, I recommend that you watch the whole thing and play along.

Examples for DLIG show & tell

•GIL Express walkthrough example:
•Academic Integrity Tutorial:

Instruction Talk Powerpoint