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ENGL 1102 English Composition II - Honors (Goodling): Avoiding the Fake News Trap

Resources about Fake News

decorative image of bear trap

Avoiding the fake news trap.

Avoiding the Fake News Trap

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Further Education

News Infographics

News Bias infographics summarize an analysis of the content of various news sources. While they use a formula or rubric to come up with their analysis, they are still approximations and not necessarily applicable to every item in the news source or other formats (e.g. vs. CNN cable news).
Most people tend to think their favorite sources are moderate and reliable. How about yours?

Dzwonkowski News Bias Infographic (2016)

Dzwonkowski News Bias chart from 2016
By Luke Dzwonkowski. 2016. Creative Commons Licensed, Used with Permission.