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EDUC 2110/2120/2130

Searching for articles: the essentials

  1. If you're not sure where to start, use the Discover box on the library home page.
  2. If you're off campus, always use links from the library site so we can verify that you're a student. You'll need your campus ID.
  3. Use the A-Z Databases page for more specialized databases. (For education classes, ERIC is often your first choice.)
  4. Use the library website, not the GALILEO website. You'll find more sources and you don't need a separate GALILEO password. (We have all the GALILEO databases, and a lot that they don't list.)

Finding articles

Empirical articles

An empirical article reports on research conducted by the authors, based on observations or experiments.

Things to look for when determining whether an article is empirical include:

  • Published in a scholarly journal
  • Reports details of a study, observation or analysis of a group of participants or subjects
  • Includes sections such as Methodology or Methods, and Results or Findings
  • May use methodologies such as interviews, surveys, etc.

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