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ECON 2100: Industry Research: Getting Started

Research Tip

Welcome!  The following research guide is to support the research assignment in ECON 2100 at GSU Perimeter Alpharetta campus.  On this guide you can find general web resources and library databases to help you get the information you need on international countries and their economic outlook.

Research Tip:

The amount of information that's available on any given industry will vary depending on the age and size of the industry, among other factors.

If you can't find information on your industry consider the following strategies:

  • Try looking for a broader industry category. Software publishing instead of smartphone apps, for example.
  • Look for information on related, or similar industries.
  • Find out who the main companies are in your industry and base your analysis on that information.
  • Combine information from multiple industries. This can be particularly helpful for younger, emerging industries such as e-book publishing.

Economic Outlook of International Countries

Key Business Databases

Look for articles on your industry in some of our key business article databases.  The following page offers some advanced search tips and tricks to get you exactly what you need.