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LibWizardry Workshop: Storyboarding

Resources for creating online tutorials using LibWizard. (Also applicable to other tutorials, such as Guide on the Side.)

Design your tutorial

One of the challenging parts of a tutorial is designing the content.  Once you have a learning outcome in mind, you probably already have an idea of how you want to go about teaching it, but planning the step-by-step content may not come easily.

On this page are three storyboarding techniques to help you work through the process of designing your tutorial.

Powerpoint Method

Powerpoint allows you to create slides as images as well as plan your tutorial as though it were a presentation.  This method is a natural segue if you already use Powerpoint in  your teaching.

The Index card Method

In the Index card method, you can use one side of the card for the slide content and the other side for Question Panel content.  This image shows using two different cards for slide and question, but you can use the same card, front and back.

The Excel Method

In Excel or other spreadsheet software,  you can have two columns for Slide content and Question Panel content, or have additional columns for source and questions.  Full disclosure:  I haven't actually used this method, but if you feel comfortable with Excel, this could work for well for you.


Step-by-step variation for sequences

A variation on storyboarding may be used when you are walking the student through a series of steps on a single website, such as searching for an item in the catalog. In this case, you may use multiple cards/slides/cells to represent the steps in the sequence. Use the “Slide” portion of your storyboard to briefly describe or draw the step, as shown below. If your software allows branching, you may choose to illustrate this as a flowchart. 

Sequence of steps for Library Catalog slide

Slides for practice tutorial

1. Title (include instructions)

2. Objectives (optional)

3. How to identify the title?  (requires Rich Text editor)

4. Video (Embed Youtube video)

5. Catalog website (live site)

  • Steps for catalog exercise

6. How to Find book in LIbrary OR How to request a book video (Embed video)

7. Thank you and Rating