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LibWizardry Workshop: Add & Edit Slides

Resources for creating online tutorials using LibWizard. (Also applicable to other tutorials, such as Guide on the Side.)

Adding Slides

To add a slide  (or other content in the content window), start on the Workpad.

1. Click on "Add the first slide"or "Add Slide," as shown below.

2. A new window will open, as shown below.  You must choose the following, but you can edit it all later.

  • Name your slide as shown in the yellow highlight. (This name will be publicly visible.)
  • Choose the slide content type - see the red box.  The option you choose will open a prompt for the corresponding type of content. If you choose nothing, it will put in the first libguide on the list as a default.
  • Click "Save."

3. You may add more slides by going back to the Workpad or by clicking "+Add slide" at the bottom of the current slide.  (You may need to rearrange the slides later.)

Edit Slides


Once you have one or more slides, odds are at some point you might want to edit them.

There are three ways to edit a slide:

  • Edit Slide reopens the Slide Display editor, where you can make desired changes.
  • ​Move Slide Click and hold the bar with the slide and move it to the desired location.
  • Delete Slide Permanently deletes the slide.  Any images you added will remain in your library.


If you are changing the type of slide or replacing content, you may wish to clear the existing content before adding new content, as shown in the example below.

Copying Slides

Copying LibWizard Slide Content

While copying a question panel item in LibWizard is fairly easy, there is not currently a way to easily copy slide content.  Here’s a work-around.

Part I: On the slide you want to copy.

  1. Locate the slide you want to copy and open it as though to edit the slide.
  2. Regardless of slide content, choose the Custom Content/Rich Text Editor.
  3. In the Editor, click on “Source” 
  4. Highlight and copy everything in the editor. (see handout for illustration.)

Part II: On the slide where you want to recreate the content from Part I.

  1. Open the Custom Content/Rich Text editor.
  2. Click on “Source” as in step 3.
  3. Paste the content that you copied in step 4.
  4. Save.

Tada! You’ll notice this does not copy the question content, only the slide.  But it saves a lot of work, eh?