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LibWizardry Workshop: LibWizard Settings

Resources for creating online tutorials using LibWizard. (Also applicable to other tutorials, such as Guide on the Side.)

To create a new tutorial

1. Log into LibWizard :

(At the bottom of the page, click on "Log into LibApps")

2. Go to "Tutorials & Assessments"

3. Click on "Create New"

In the resulting window...

4. Choose "blank slate" (unless you're making a copy)

5. Leave the type as "Stand Alone."

6. Name your tutorial. (You can change it later)

7. The friendly URL is optional, but for this workshop, you will put your first name and last initial. For example, if you are John Doe, enter "johnd" as the friendly URL.  This will make your Tutorial URL be

8. For now, put your name(s) in the description. In practice, you can write whatever you like to describe your tutorial.

9. Click "Create!"



Tutorial settings

Once you create the tutorial, you will see the Workpad page, including Tutorial/Assessment settings. You can edit these options at any time.

If you followed instructions to create the tutorial, most of these fields will be filled in except those highlighted in yellow.

Be sure you:

  • Make your tutorial Public
  • Save Changes
  • Enter your email address(es) in the submission tab if you want to be notified when someone takes your tutorial.

Workpad Tools, Welcome and Thank you.

Let's look at the Workpad Content Area

At the top, there are buttons, to...

  • Save Changes (Do this often!)
  • Preview your tutorial so far
  • Share/URL - get the URL or embed code for your tutorial
  • View Reports

Click to edit "Welcome" screen is optional. If you enter nothing here, there will be no welcome screen and users will go directly to the tutorial.  (For the workshop, we are leaving this blank.)

Click to edit "Thank You Screen."  By default, your students will see the message, "Your assessment was submitted" and have a button that gives them to option to retake the tutorial. You may change the message and various user feedback options from this window:

If you click the option to let users email a copy of the assessment, they will get the message shown below. While you cannot change the wording of the message (unless you are an Admin), you can direct users to email a copy of the assessment to their instructor.