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LibWizardry Workshop: Title Slide and How To

Resources for creating online tutorials using LibWizard. (Also applicable to other tutorials, such as Guide on the Side.)

Your first slide will be a title slide.  For this tutorial, you will use an image. 

You can use one of the images on the homepage or create your own image using Powerpoint, Canva, or other software.

The text in the Question panel may introduce the concept taught in the tutorial and/or include instructions on how to navigate the tutorial. If you do not include instructions here, you will need to include them in another slide.

Text for the instructions

Welcome to this tutorial!

As you work through the tutorial, this panel will include instructions, information, and sometimes questions for you to assess your understanding.

The panel to the right may contain information or a live website for you to practice your skills.

When you are ready to continue, click "Next" at the bottom of this panel.

Saving images

Download these images from
Google Drive.


To save images from this page:

Right click on the image.

Choose "Save Image As" 

Give it a name.


Now you are ready to use the image.

Title images