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ECON 4950 - Introductory Econometrics

The Answers

  1. Find the number of unemployed and employed persons by age, sex, and race.
    Data or Statistics

Statistical Abstracts of the United States > select Labor Force, Employment, and Earnings > Table 606 > Breakdown by > Table 647 > Table 648


  1. Compare the GDP of the US to China and Germany. Data or Statistics? Compare GDP of countries in one region from 2005-2015.  Data or Statistics?

    World Development Indicators or World Bank Data > select country > then go to archives

  2. Is now a good time to buy/sell a house? What’s the general consensus of everyday Americans? Data or Statistics?

iPOLL > Topic = Housing > scroll down > keywords: sell or buy house > #3 & 4 > can download data


  1. How many students on the HOPE scholarship stay and work in Georgia after graduation?
    Data or Statistics?

    First thought: check website for Hope Scholarship. THEN:
    EconLit > hope scholarship and Georgia > #2 > The Effects of Hope on Post-college Retention in the Georgia Workforce



  1. Compare Georgia employment with Atlanta employment in non-farm fields. What’s the Gross State Product? Housing permits by county?


Economic Forecasting Center > Forecast of Georgia and Atlanta


  1. What can I expect to earn in my career field?

    Bureau of Labor Statistics > Career Information > Occupational Outlook Handbook >

  2. How does the unemployment rate vary based on educational levels?

    Bureau of Labor Statistics > The Economics Daily > Unemployment rates by education

May also be found at (National Center for Education Statistics

  1. News reports suggest that President Obama has turned the economy around. Does the general consumer share this view? Data or Statistics?

            Could probably check iPoll since this is asking for an opinion. But:
            Conference Board >
Business & Economics Portfolio >

           Essential economic data coupled with superior business management research and    insights from the world’s most widely-quoted source of management and economic research.

   Economic datasets


  1. GDP for USA from 1950 to 1970.

    Historical Statistics of the United States > Search > Advance Search >
  2. What are the latest indicators for “country of choice”? 

    Economist Intelligence Unit Viewswire OR WDI


Bonus: How many students attend campus events? Events related to academic interests?
Data or Statistics?

GSU webpage >  search for Office of Institutional Research/Effectiveness > DSS > iPort > Launch iPort > GSU Surveys > Student Engagement > drop-down box > Run Report