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ENGL 1101 Mitchell Fall 2023: Assignment

Research Paper

Research Essay Assignment Sheet
Due Date Thursday, Nov 30 by 11:59 pm

Purpose: The purpose of this essay assignment is to increase your ability to find credible,
secondary sources and effectively incorporate them into a persuasive essay.

Skills: After doing this assignment, you will be able to:

1. Find and incorporate research into your essays.
2. Be persuasive in your writing.
3. Write clear and organized essays.
4. Write clear and organized paragraphs that contribute to the overall meaning of the

Knowledge: After doing this assignment, you will know:

1. More about a specific place you want to visit.
2. How to use the GSU Library Resources to find credible sources.

Task: Choose a place that you have never been to that you want to visit. Then write an
argumentative essay about why people should go there. You must use at least five, secondary
sources to support your argument. At least three of your sources need to be books or articles
found in the GSU library catalog or in databases that can be accessed through the GSU library
(www.library, If you do use internet sources, they still need to be credible. Use the
CRAP Test Handout to help you evaluate and make sure you are using the most effective
sources. This evaluation should be just for yourself and should not be in the essay. It is optional
to include a counter argument, but if you do, only include one, and you must refute it.

Your essay needs to be between 1,000 and 1,500 words. You must include in-text citations and a
works cited page. The works cited page is essential but does not contribute toward your 1,000-
1,500 word count. Your essay should be in MLA format 9th edition, including the in-text
citations and the works cited, 12 point, Times New Roman font, and double spaced. Your
audience is a skeptical audience who is wary of travel. You cannot use the first person, second
person, or contractions in this essay.

Criteria for Success: Below is a description of what I am looking for in your essay. All these
qualities are important to have, but I have listed the criteria I am going to pay the most attention
to in my grading first and every subsequent criterion I am going to focus on a little less on than
the one before it.

An Effective Research Essay:

1. Effectively incorporates credible research and uses that research to develop an argument.
You should have between two and five pieces of cited evidence, direct quotes or
paraphrase in each body paragraph. You should have evidence from at least two different
sources in each paragraph, and you should use most of your sources at least twice.
2. Has a clear, focused, argumentative thesis.
3. Is coherently and logically organized with a clear introduction, body, and conclusion.
4. Includes in-text citations and a works cited that are formatted correctly.
5. Contains correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar.