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ENGL 1102 Adolph : Assignment

Current Problem in Your Future Major Assignment

You will be researching how to solve ONE CURRENT MAJOR PROBLEM in your future career. Begin your essay imagining yourself in your prospective career being tasked to solve this singular issue for your company or place of employment. Transition back to reality: Obviously, you are a student at GSU. Nonetheless, you must think about how you will brand yourself as a solution to this major problem within your future career. Think about: How will you resolve this issue (Begin thinking about the end in mind)? What critical thinking skills will you use to create your strategy? What classes do you think you would need to take that address the issue? What student or national organizations would you need to join to address the problem? What evidence will you gather and examine to solve the problem? How will you analyze the information? Put differently, how will you dissect the information to disperse the solution to the team? How will you explain what the information means and why it matters to solve the issue? What do you imagine will be the implications of your solution? What professor or experts would you call on to gain a different point of view or feedback? Make sure you are specific about your future career. Don't say "I want to be a nurse" or "I want to be an engineer." You must state the specific type of nurse or engineer you want to become. The more specific your focus, the easier your research will be.