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Career Planning Resources

Resources for career exploration and planning

Assignment and Assessment

Assignment 1:

Using the Ferguson's Career Guidance database, what advice from the professional in your intended career path resonated with you? What is the outlook and requirements to pursue that industry? 

Using the Occupational Handbook, find the median pay (yearly salary) for you expected career field.

Use the Salary Paycheck Calculator (ADP) to determine your monthly salary after taxes.

Go to to find the monthly housing expense for a home or apartment. Deduct that price from monthly salary.

Factor in transportation expenses and other living expenses such as food, outings, etc? Will you make enough to support the lifestyle you want? Why or why not? How much should your starting salary be to live comfortably?

Assignment 2

What services are offered by Career Services? Make an appointment with career services. What service do you plan to enlist their assistance.