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Dew ENGL 1101: Library Orientation: Finding Library Resources: Databases

Recommended Databases for Contemporary Issues

How to get to the Library Databases:

This page will show you how to access the library's databases. In order to access these databases off campus, just put in your Campus ID and password when asked to login. 

(Can't remember your Campus ID and password? Go to to look up your campus ID or reset your password.)

First, go to 


You will see on the homepage Databases by Name and Databases by Subject: 


If you are not sure where to start, you can select the Databases by Subject drop down menu and select which subject you need research for. For example, for "English", select "English". This will take you to every English specific database we have. 


If you already know the name of the database you want to use, go to Databases by name on the library homepage. 


Select the letter the database starts with. For example, for Bloom's Literature, I would select "B". 


This will give me a list of all the library databases that start with the letter "B". Scroll down the page until you find "Bloom's Literature". Click on the title in blue ("Bloom's Literature") and will be led directly to the database.