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HA 3403 - Restaurant Anatytics: Data for Business Plan

1. Industry Search

Performing industry research is a skill you will use beyond school and for many similar reasons. The tool on this page is a small portion of what is accessible through the GSU Library.

  • IBISWorld is the primary resource for understanding an industry, including the current SWOT, issues, and major US competitors. The keyword "Restaurant" will list related food services industries. IBISWorld provides stand-alone restaurants such as full-service restaurants, bars, buffets, etc.
  • Passport also provides global industry reports focusing mainly on consumer products & services (no manufacturing). Passport doesn't use the NAICS code to classify its industries; instead provides food service reports through leisure, retail, lodging, travel. and location. This way, it covers food trucks, street stalls, hotel restaurants, and food services at airports, sports arenas, shopping malls, which may not be available in IBISWorld. 

3. Mapping Your Business Location & Customer Base

When investigating the physical location of your food service business, consider using SimplyAnalytics to locate a business location at the center of your customer base. To learn how to use SimplyAnalystics, you can sign up for the workshop offered by GSU Library. 

2A. Finding Your Customer Base

To learn more about your customer groups and customer base, use MRI Simmons:

  • MRI Simmons Insights is a database providing data about consumer behavior, media consumption, and attitudes. 
  • Use the Quick Report function for your business plan to find demographics reports on your customer groups, including your core customers and customer bases. Combining the food service type and a lifestyle statement of your customer base can help generate a demographic report focusing on your potential customer group(s). For example, combining pizzeria (food service type) with how often they use smartphones (lifestyle statement) can generate a demographic report on consumers who eat pizza and order them via phones or online.

2B. Background and Trends for Your Startups