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AAS 2010 Bates - Intro to Africana Studies

Research Paper Description


Part of the grade you will receive for this class will be based on your final research paper. Please carefully read the following details regarding the requirements for the paper. Any paper that deviates from these requirements will not be graded.

· Your research paper must be in MLA format. This is different from the format you’ve been using to write your critiques. Students who are unfamiliar with this format can reference the following link which provides a guideline:

Again, papers that are not in this format will not be graded.

· The research paper must be 5-6 pages in length. Please complete grammar and spelling checks before submitting your paper.

· Your research paper topic must be approved by me. You will be required to submit your topic no later than February 2nd via email.

· If you have decided to change the topic of your research paper from your original choice, you must inform me ASAP via email.

· Sources: A minimum of two books must be used. You are also allowed to reference academic journals and articles but they must be properly referenced in your paper. Librarians at the Decatur campus are available to assist students with this assignment. The library is located on the third-floor building A at the Decatur campus.

· Your topic must be a based upon a person, event, or issue impacting or from the continent of Africa or the African diaspora. Students who were born in the United States must select a topic that reflects a person, event, or issue from other parts of the African diaspora (Caribbean, South or Central America, etc.) or from Africa. If you were born in Africa, the reverse applies; you must select a topic from the African Diaspora but not from the continent.

· The first draft of your paper will be your midterm. I will explain more about this in class.

· The final submission is due May 2nd . You must bring a hardcopy of your paper to class on that date. · If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email at