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ENGL 1101 with Andrea Hudson-Tomblin: Finding Sources

Assignment Instructions

Topics for Argumentative Essay

Arts programs in schools; fast fashion; remote work, the four-day work week; ethics of eating meat; sports gambling; child labor; alternative medicine; consumer-level genealogy testing; digital privacy; electric vehicles; solitary confinement; repatriation of cultural artifacts;  facial recognition technology; carpool lanes; animal testing; social media; cancel culture; paying college athletes; streaming vs. movie theaters

[Image by pixsila from Pixabay]

Below are different source types to support your argument that are available to you at GSU Library. 

If you don't see what you need, visit our Databases page and read the descriptions.  You are always welcome to contact your librarian, Amy Stalker, for more help.

Reports on Opposing Viewpoints

Encyclopedia Entries and Historical Background

Newspaper Articles

Scholarly Articles