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*GERO / CNHP 4200: Health and the Older Adult: Find Full Text

What To Do

Strategies to find full text:

1) Search the library for the journal to see which databases have your article, or use the Citation Linker.

2) Search Google and Google Scholar for online copies elsewhere.

3) Borrow the item from another library, via Interlibrary Loan or other institutional agreements.

Ways to Find Full Text

On the GSU Library homepage search box, drop down the first field to select Journals. Type your journal title into the search bar, then click Search. If we have access to the journal, you can select the title from the result list to see which databases include it in full text.

Alternatively, select the Citation Linker below the search box to find individual articles with all identifying information.

Journal searching screenshot

Google search screenshot

Search for your journal title in Google to find the journal's website, which sometimes archives free copies of some articles. You may also find copies of your article available in other repositories online.

Search for your article in Google Scholar to see if any free online copies show up in your results there.

Google Scholar search screenshot

Interlibrary Loan logo

If your article is unavailable in our collection or online, submit an Interlibrary Loan request and to borrow it from another library.

Contact Library Circulation for further information about how to use resources from other libraries through reciprocal privileges with other institutions.

Pro Tip

Pro Tip!

When searching for a particular phrase, like an article or journal title, use quotation marks to tell the search algorithm to keep those words all together in that specific order.