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ACCT4610: Library Resources: Business Data Sets

Small & Local Businesses Data

Branding & Consumer Behavior Data

Corporate/ Economics Data

  • WRDS Audit Analytics - Audit Analytics is a premium company intelligence service providing independent research to the investment, accounting, insurance, legal, regulatory and academic communities.


Bloomberg is a computer system for professionals in business (primarily finance) and other industries to access, monitor and analyze real-time financial market data and place trades on its electronic trading platform. The system also provides up-to-date news, price quotes and messaging across its network.  Click here for the Bloomberg terminal locations.

Reading the MRI Reports

The report below show the number of people who owned or leased a Toyota Prius at the time of the Spring 2017 survey was conducted.

  • Detail- This is the consumer behavior we have selected.
    • In this example the Detail is the number of people who owned or leased a Prius at the time of the survey.
  • Target- Demographic or media consumption category.
  • Index- A calculated probability using 100 as a base. Targets with an index higher than 100 are more likely than the average person to exhibit the behavior in the detail. 
  • Red Text items in red are derived from a sample of 50 respondents or less and should not be considered reliable.

Mapping Business/Demographics Data