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Domestic Violence Curriculum: Course Outline

Silenced Voices: Course Outline

Course Outline

Day One:

-Intro to Domestic Violence

            -Establish terms and guidelines

-Think, Pair, Share Activity

-Get into small groups and begin reading packets of primary sources

-Exit Ticket: Hand in Think, Pair, Share notes


Day Two:

-Finish reading packets

-Give students time to reflect in small groups or as class


Day Three:

-Jig Saw Presentation on packets

-Exit Ticket: How have your views changed from Day One?


Day Four:

-Begin class with time for reflections, questions, discussion

-As a class, make a list of

-the most important issues for DV survivors

-possible solutions public policy could offer those survivors.

-Students should form groups based on which issue most affects them

-Exit Ticket: Topic for letter to community leader


Day Five:

-Lesson on Letter Writing

            -professional tone

            -convincing argument

            -letter format

-Groups should choose which sources to use


Day Six:

Computer Lab

-Groups should look up community leaders and their contacts

-Groups should research brief background on these leaders

-Begin writing letters


Day Seven:

Computer Lab

-Finish writing letters

-Peer review

            -Groups exchange letters and give feed back

-Enter edits into documents

-Exit ticket: Hand in letters to teacher


Day Eight:

-Intro to Clothesline Project

- Discussion on most powerful sources

            -which sources are affective, effective and why?

-Students should begin drawing their designs on sheets of blank paper


Day Nine:

-Students will begin decorating t-shirts or paper cut out t-shirts

-While decorating, teacher will lead an informal conversation about how students feel about this unit.

-This will be a time to share in a safe space. No negativity toward students should be tolerated. This is not a debate.


Day Ten:

-Hang t-shirts around room and give students opportunity to appreciate each other’s work

-Pass back edited letters and, if possible, give one student per group time to input changes.

-With other students, choose a time for a Clothesline gallery opening and together create an invitation for community leaders, parents, etc

-Mail letters with invitations to community leaders, parents, principals, etc

-Exit Ticket: Envelopes to be mailed.



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