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Activist Women Oral History Project: F

Finn, Mary

Interviewee: Mary Finn
Interviewee: Morna Gerrard
Date of Interview: May 22, 2012
Extent: 2:35:31

Interviewer: Morna Gerrard
Date of Interview: June 28, 2012
Extent: 2:46:18


Dr. Mary Finn’s research addresses problems and issues directly related to justice policy and practice. Over the course of her career, she has collaborated with local justice agencies, advocacy organizations, and divisions of the state government in efforts to bridge the world of academia and the world of policy and practice. Her current research focuses on evaluation of justice system responses to crime, primarily violence against women and children.  She currently works on two projects funded by the National Institute of Justice.  First, she serves as the local research partner for the Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Initiative in Rockdale County, Georgia, one of 12 sites selected in the nation.  Second, she serves as a co-principal investigator (with Applied Research Services) on research to assess the influence of home visit themes and their temporal ordering on the supervision outcomes with high-risk parolees.  Her most recent publications appear in Criminology & Public Policy, Crime & Delinquency, and the Journal of Interpersonal Violence.

Abstract, May 22, 2012:
Interviewed at Georgia State University by Morna Gerrard, Mary Finn describes her life from childhood to the present, detailing the direction her college interests took in developing a career path in criminal justice and psychology. She discusses her early work with prisoners: analysis of motive for criminal behavior, gender differences and their mental health. She also discusses domestic violence as a subject for awareness and the need for redressing legal protection.

Abstract, June 28, 2012:
Mary Finn speaks on the subject of child sex trafficking in this interview, a continuation from her first interview.

Foote, Anna

Interviewee:  Anna Foote
Interviewer:  Morna Gerrard
Date of interview: February 5, 2020


Anna Foote is a community and political activist with deep ties to the city of Atlanta.  The daughter of a Georgia Tech professor, she grew up surrounded by books and music, in a large, blended family of six brothers and a stepmother with whom she became close.  She graduated from Georgia State University in 1983, finding inspiration in women’s studies classes.  Because she had gay friends, Foote volunteered at the Atlanta Gay Center during the 1980s AIDS epidemic.  Her professional life includes several years with the March of Dimes as a bookkeeper and the homeless advocacy group Hope Atlanta, but much of her time has been devoted to credit unions including fifteen years at Coca-Cola’s credit union and a variety of nonprofits: Bond Credit Union for which she once held the position of interim CEO, and work as Southeast Regional Director for an organization that supports 300 community development credit unions.  She also served on the development authority and tax allocation committees for the city of Atlanta.  Additionally, she works with New Power PAC, an organization that helps women raise money to run for political office.

The interview conducted on February 5, 2020, includes biographical material relating to Foote’s childhood in a blended family, her college career, and the inspiration she found in working with women’s studies professor Diane Fowlkes, her marriage and motherhood, followed by divorce.  Foote discusses her ties to the gay community in Atlanta, including her work helping gay men find reliable and private tests for HIV in the 1980s, and her emotional reaction to seeing babies at Grady Hospital born with AIDS because of drug-addicted mothers.  Foote speaks about her long career of public service, including city government, the March of Dimes, the homeless advocacy group Hope Atlanta, and several credit unions.  The interview concludes with a discussion of politics, including her participation on the Board of New Power PAC and her hope that the ERA will be passed and ratified.

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