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Archives for Research on Women: Collections

Manuscript Collections: A-C

Altrusa International, Atlanta Club Records 1938-2001 (W077)
The records of the Altrusa International, Atlanta Club, 1938-2001, describe through administrative papers, correspondence, scrapbooks, articles and photographs how the women's service organization provided community service within District III and with Altrusa clubs internationally as a whole.

American Association of University Women, Atlanta Branch records 1939-2013 (W142)
The American Association of University Women (AAUW) promotes education and equity for all women and girls, lifelong learning, and positive societal change. This collection consists of the history, office files, conference materials, meeting information, and outreach programs related to the Atlanta branch of the American Association of University Women, 1939-2013.

American Association of University Women, Southeastern Region Records 1950-2000 (W045)
Established in 1881, the American Association of University Women (AAUW) has been one of the nation's leading voices in promoting education and equity for all women and girls, lifelong education, and positive societal change. The collection consists of office files, conference and meeting information, state branch office files, and outreach information related to the Southeast Region of the American Association of University Women.

Archdiocese of Atlanta Pro-life Newsletter Collection 1977-1993 (W046)
n September 2001, the Special Collections Department of Georgia State University's Library accepted the Catholic Archdiocese of Atlanta's offer of this collection of newsletters reflecting the anti-abortion and pro-life beliefs of some Americans, including Georgians and other Southerners. The collection includes newsletters (1977-1993) produced by state organizations (Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania ) as well as national organizations (including Americans United for Life, National Right to Life Committee, Stop Planned Parenthood, and Feminists for Life of America) and individuals.

Atlanta Women’s Foundation Records circa 1980-2003 (W051)
The Atlanta Women's Foundation (AWF) raises, manages, and distributes funds to programs that serve women and girls in the metropolitan Atlanta area. Correspondence, minutes and agendas, printed material, writings and creative works, financial documents, legal documents, and photographs make up the records of the AWF.

Gayle Austin Papers 1979-2010 (W093)
Gayle Austin was coordinator and literacy manager for the Women's Project in New York City before becoming a professor of Communication at Georgia State University. Her scholarly interests included gender and performance, dramaturgy, and interdisciplinary forms of performance. She also authored feminist theory plays. Gayle Austin's papers comprise research and course materials as well as records related to theatrical productions and performances. The materials reflect Austin's career both before and during her time at Georgia State University.

M. Charlene Ball Papers 1977-2004 [bulk 1988-1994] (W102)
M. Charlene Ball worked as the Administrative Coordinator of the Women's Studies Institute at Georgia State University. She writes about feminist revisionist archetypal theory, revisionist Jungian theory, lesbian writing, and the writing of borderland authors. Her papers reflect her work at Georgia State University and her involvement in the Atlanta Feminist Women's Chorus (AFWC) and comprise articles, event programs, correspondence, and other printed materials, photographs and artifacts, 1977-2004.

Linda A. Bell Papers 1962-2004 (W063)
Linda A. Bell, born in 1940, grew up in the Daytona, Florida area. Bell taught at Georgia State University from 1968 to 2004. The Linda A. Bell papers span Bell's 34-year career at Georgia State University as a professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies and document her teaching, administrative and research work.

Stephanie Stuckey Benfield Equity in Sports Act Collection 1975-2007 (W082)
Stephanie Stuckey Benfield was the representative for the 85th District of the State of Georgia. The collection documents her involvement in drafting and cosponsoring the Equity in Sports Act of 2000 in Georgia. The collection contains background material consulted when drafting the legislation such as other states' laws and reporting mechanisms, information and court cases about Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, federal regulations regarding Title IX, and numerous news articles and editorials about gender equity in sports. Also included are meeting notes, promotional material, and letters of support from constituents.

Valerie Beynon Papers 1990-2009 (W128)
Valerie Beynon co-founded the Southwest Georgia chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW) in 1993, where she served as president and coordinator for more than 10 years. Her involvement in Georgia led her to serve on Georgia NOW's State Council as well as serve in the two highest leadership roles within the state's chapter, executive vice president and president from 1997-2000. The materials in this collection reflect Beynon's involvement in NOW at the local, state and national levels from 1990-2008, and in the American Association of University Women, 1995-1996.

Nancy N. Boothe Papers 1980-2009 [bulk 1990-1997] (W079)
Born in Battles Wharf, Alabama (1948), Nancy N. Boothe graduated from the University of South Alabama as a registered nurse (1971). She received a B.S. in nursing from the Medical College of Georgia (1976), and a master's degree in Counseling from Troy State University [Florida Region] (1981). Boothe served in the U.S. Nurse Corps in the U.S. and Korea (1970-1984), and worked as clinical director and consultant at a number of health facilities in Louisiana and Florida. She became Executive Director of the Atlanta Feminist Women's Health Center in 1994. In 1995, she attended the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, China, where she taught the workshop, "GYN Self-Help." Boothe has served on the boards of All Women's Health Services in Portland and Eugene, Oregon; the Sexual Assault Center, Atlanta, Georgia; and the Jeanette Rankin Foundation, Athens, Georgia. She is also a member of the Feminist Majority Foundation's "Women's Commission for Congressional Oversight" and A.P.D. Citizen Review Panel.

Chris Carroll Papers 1993-2010 (W112)
Chris Carroll is a real estate broker and women's policy activist in Atlanta, Georgia, who served as a board member for the Women's Policy Group, 1992-2011. Her papers consist of correspondence, handwritten notes, meeting agendas and minutes, reports and other printed material, and financial records, primarily documenting the Women's Policy Group.

Wesley Chenault Artifact Collection undated (W034)
Former GSU student assistant Wesley Chenault donated this collection, comprised of one feminist magnet.

Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment Depo Diaries Records 1999-2008 (W114)
Formed in 2001, the Committee on Women, Population, and the Environment is a multi-racial alliance of feminist community organizers, scholarly activists, and health practitioners committed to promoting the social and economic empowerment of women in a context of global peace and justice; and to eliminating poverty. The collection consists of correspondence, minutes, and printed materials pertaining to the organization and activities of the Depo Diaries, a national storytelling project documenting the contraceptive Depo-Provera.

Kathleen “Kay” Crouch Papers 1956-1992 [bulk 1982-1989] (W050)
Kathleen "Kay" Crouch earned an M.B.A. in Counseling Psychology (Washington University, 1959), and a Doctor of Education in Educational Psychology (University of Georgia, 1970). She worked in the Atlanta Public School System, 1959-1967, before her career at Georgia State University. At Georgia State, she served as a member of the Counseling faculty (1969-1973), Vice President of University Operations (1973-1977), Assistant Vice President for Student Services (1977-1978), and Vice President for Academic Services (1978-1985). She was an advocate for increased sexual harassment education and a compliance officer for Title IX (which banned discrimination on the basis of sex by educational institutions receiving federal funding). She retired from Georgia State University in 1985. The collection is comprised of the personal and professional papers of Dr. Kathleen "Kay" Crouch.

Manuscript Collections: D-F

Mary McMahon Dawson Artifact Collection undated (W090)
Former GSU Special Collections staff member Mary McMahon Dawson donated this small artifact collection that includes one (1) bumper sticker.

Gretta Moll Dewald papers, 1932-2000 [bulk 1977-1980] (W069)
Gretta Moll Dewald (1929-2006) was involved with the Democratic Party of DeKalb County and of Georgia in the late 1960s. She worked on Governor Jimmy Carter's campaign for president in 1976 and served as Chair of the Women's Division of the Democratic National Committee and on the President's Advisory Committee on Women during his administration. Subsequently, she was Executive Assistant and Chief of Staff for DeKalb County CEO Manuel Maloof. Her papers include correspondence, minutes and agendas, reports, printed material, and artifacts, primarily reflecting her state and national political involvement.

Marymal Dryden – Judith Allen Ingram Collection 1985-1995 (W023)
Establishing a reputation for planning and coordinating, Dryden has been: Assistant Director and Director for the Atlanta Council of International Programs (1972-1980); member of the University Exchange Program and member of the Board of Directors of Partners of America, Inc. (1986-1987); and from 1980-1990, Unit Head for Public Services in Georgia State University's Division of Continuing Education. Judith Allen Ingram has held various positions at GSU, including Administrative Coordinator (1988-1990), Program Specialist (1990), Unit Head for Public Service (1990-1992), and Program Planning/Analyst Specialist (1992-1997). The material in this collection relates to various conferences and events which focused on issues concerning gender, class and race.

E. Lee Eltzroth Collection 1990s; undated (W027)
The collection, donated by former GSU Women's Collection Archivist E. Lee Eltzroth,consists of one (1) t-shirt, one (1) hologram card, one (1) "Finger Pinkies Secretary's Hand Cleaner" in pouch, and one (1) Susan B. Anthony dollar coin.

EstroFest Productions, Inc. Records 1997-2004 (W081)
Established in 1999, EstroFest Productions, Inc. produced and sponsored programs that promoted and affirmed the creative talents and technical skills of women in the visual, performing and fine arts. EstroFest was active until the end of 2003. The records contain administrative records, documentation of EstroFest performances, and reference files.

Saribenne Evesong Artwork Collection 1971-1978; undated (W068)
The collection is comprised of paperworks, watercolors and an autobiography.

Beth Farokhi Papers 1937; 1976-2007 (W095)
Beth Farokhi worked as an administrator in the College of Education at Georgia State University (GSU). She was a member of and held multiple elected positions within the American Association of University Women (AAUW). Farokhi was one of the co-principal investigators for Integrating Gender Equity and Reform (InGEAR) in higher education, a grant-funded initiative. Her papers, 1937, 1976-2007, document her GSU career, AAUW service, and the development and funding of InGEAR.

Feminist Postcard Collection 1968-1989 (W075)
The collection consist of one hundred and twenty-three picture postcards and two greeting cards. The bulk of the postcards represent feminist women and feminist activities. Postcards are arranged alphabetically by title / subject.

Valerie Fennell Papers 1973-1998; undated (W058)
Assistant (1974-80) then Associate (1980-date) Professor of Anthropology (Emerita: 2005-date). Faculty Ombudsperson (1998-date). Faculty member of School of Urban Life (1974-78), Gerontology Center and Women's Studies Institute (1979-2005); co-chair of Women's Studies Program (1983-87). See "Curriculum Vitae" and "Honors" for further information.

Lorraine Fontana papers 1947-2014 (Q110)
Lorraine Fontana is an activist for the LGBTQ community and has fought for social justice since her early college days. Her papers, 1947-2014 (bulk 1968-2010), include correspondence, conference materials, flyers, notes, programs and publications, representing her activities in Atlanta, New York, and elsewhere.

Foreverfamily, Inc. Records 1987-2000 [bulk 2003-2008] (W120)
The non-profit agency Foreverfamily provides services and support to families and caregivers of children whose parents are incarcerated. Founded in Atlanta in 1987, the organization has agencies in Atlanta and Louisville, Kentucky. Its records, 1987-2009 [bulk, 2003-2009], primarily document the National Advisory Board that explored further expansion of the organization.

Diane L. Fowlkes Papers, circa 1959-1998 (bulk 1973-1994) (W018)
Fowlkes began her 25-year career as a professor at Georgia State in 1973, rising through the ranks from Assistant to Associate Professor in 1980, and to full Professor in 1992. The papers and manuscripts of the collection shed light on many facets of Dr. Fowlkes' career at Georgia State, including her promotions to Associate Professor in 1980 and Full Professor in 1992, her teaching activities, and her committee work (Series II).

Manuscript Collections: G-I

MaryAnne Gaunt Papers 1975-1988 (W080)
MaryAnne Farnsworth was born in Ann Arbor, Michigan in 1944. She graduated from the University of Kentucky in 1965, and went to work for the US Department of Labor, Southern Regional Education Board, Agnes Scott College, and Goergia State University. The majority of the papers document Gaunt's work as committee chair of the Atlanta Women’s Network (AWN) Program from 1987 to 1988, including invitations to the monthly programs, contact lists of possible program speakers, as well as AWN annual report 1987-1988. Also documented is her role as President of the League of Women voters of Atlanta/Fulton County (1983-1985).

Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts Collection, 1989-2006 (W130)
The Georgia Administrative Office of the Courts provides support and subject matter expertise on policy, court innovation, legislation, and court administration to all classes of courts. Its collection consists of printed reports, training materials, and audiovisual recordings, as well as a few pieces of correspondence, 1989-2006. The contents primarily relate to women and minorities in the justice system.

Georgia Advocates for Battered Women and Children Records 1971-2000; undated (W049)
The Georgia Advocates for Battered Women and Children began as an all-volunteer feminist agency in the early 1980s. The Georgia Advocates for Battered Women and Children records are organized into three series: (I) Organizational files; (II) Printed materials; and (III) Audio-visual materials.

Georgia Association for Women Lawyers records, 1916-2016 [bulk 1987-2016] (W151)
The Georgia Association for Women Lawyers (GAWL) is a nonprofit corporation serving to support the diverse interests and needs of women lawyers in Georgia. The collection consists of administrative files, programs, scrapbooks, and audio/visual materials ranging from 1916-2016.

Georgia Commission on Family Violence Records 1985-2011 [bulk 1995-2008] (W097)
The Georgia General Assembly created the Georgia Commission on Family Violence (GCFV) in 1992. Focusing primarily on legislation, research, education and training, monitoring Family Violence and Batterer Intervention Programs and increasing community awareness, GCFV aims to increase the safety of survivors, improve the resources available and implement more adequate tools for family violence prevention. The records consist of correspondence, legal documents, legislative records, meeting minutes and agendas, training and workshop manuals, conference materials, budget and grant information, printed materials, electronic records, photographs and audio/video recordings.

Georgia State University. Institute for Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies 1984-2011 (W125)
Founded in 1994, the Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) was realized after 20 years of dedicated struggle by a group of faculty committed to the project of establishing WGSS at Georgia State University. The founding director, Diane L. Fowlkes led the development of the Master of Arts program in 1995. The Institute's second director, Linda A. Bell, led the establishment of the Bachelor of Arts in 2003, enabling WGSS to offer an undergraduate major and minor. Today, the Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is recognized as a site for cutting-edge theoretical analyses and applications of feminist and womanist knowledges. The collection includes materials such as manuscript materials, invitations and programs, correspondence, flyers, audio recordings, and artifacts that document the history and activities of the Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Georgia State University.

Georgia State University, Office of the Advancement of Women Records, 1974-2005 [bulk 1990-2005] (W073)
The mission of the Office of the Advancement of Women (A of W) at Georgia State University (GSU) is to enhance collective efforts to improve the status of women at GSU. Based in the Provost's Office, the A of W collaborates with GSU colleges, administrative departments, and local and national women's programs to identify needs, offer support, and develop opportunities for professional development of women faculty and administrators at the university. Its records are comprised of administrative and reference materials, 1974 -2004, including leadership forums, task force reports, comprehensive activities reports, questionnaires, strategic plans, position papers, applications for the various programs implemented, mentorship forms, assertiveness training, as well as articles which support the A of W's structure and philosophy.

Georgia State University’s Power of Women’s Clothesline Project Collection, 2002 (W057)
Power of Women is a Georgia State University student organization affiliated with the Women's Studies Institute. The Clothesline Project is a display created by survivors of violence and those in support of survivors. The collection consists of the 80 T-shirts and two quilts displayed at the Power of Women's 3rd Annual Clothesline Project, March 18-22, 2002, as well as printed materials relating to the event.

Georgians for Choice Records 1974-2008 [bulk 1982-2006] (W078)
Formed in 1986, Georgians for Choice brought together a number of women's organizations in an effort to greater impact the protection and expansion of women's reproductive freedom in Georgia. The records consist of correspondence and printed material, as well as minutes and agendas, financial records, legal records, photographs, audio-visual records, and artifacts including textiles, that document the legislative, organizational, advocacy, and educational work of the organization.

Betty Grant Papers, 1976-1991 [bulk 1988-1990] (W123)
Betty Grant served as the president of the Georgia chapter of the National Organization for Women (NOW), 1988-early 1990s. The Betty Grant papers include office files pertaining to the activities of the Georgia NOW during her time serving the organization in various roles, including that of president, as well as photographs and artifacts.

Anne L. Harper Papers 1979-1980; 1995-2004 (W054)
Anne L. Harper is a civic leader in Atlanta, using her expertise as an educator and a business consultant to further the cause of girls' participation in athletics. The Anne L. Harper papers consist of files relating to her effort to draft a state bill and launch activities to further enforce the federal Title IX law.

Lynn Hesse Papers 1985; 2011; undated  (W104)
Lynn Hesse is a former policewoman of DeKalb County, Georgia, as well as a playwright, dancer and short story author. The collection primarily documents the sex discrimination case of plaintiff Marsha Cofield, police officer, in 1985 against DeKalb County Government, but also includes some of Hesse's artistic works and her biography and resume.

Phyllis Holmen Papers, 1985-2010 (W109)
The Phyllis Holmen papers document her work as the Treasurer and Board Member of the Women's Policy Group and Women's Policy Education Fund, later known jointly as Georgia Women for a Change, from 1985-2010. The papers include materials such as correspondence, meeting minutes, financial records including budgets, and bylaws.

Charlene Hurt Poster Collection circa 1983 (W028)
Charlene S. Hurt was Dean of Libraries at Georgia State University from 1998-2008.

Dorris Dutel Holmes Papers, 1945-2010 [bulk 1968-1987] (W143)
Dotsie Holmes (1924-2010) was a women's rights activist from 1951, when she first moved to Atlanta and became aware of community property laws and the discrimination women faced in home ownership and pay. She served in organizations such as the Atlanta Chapter of the American Association of University Women and the Atlanta Chapter for the League of Women Voters, and lobbied for the Equal Rights Amendment in Georgia, 1973-1981. Her papers, 1945-2010, the bulk of which span from 1968-1987, include notes, newsletters, proceedings, memorandums, correspondence, articles, radio scripts, pamphlets, brochures, minutes, budgets and voter guides.

Manuscript Collections: J-L

Beth Judy Collection of Girl Vigilantes Records 1989-1992; undated (W087)
The Girl Vigilantes were an anonymous group of political activists in Atlanta, Georgia, who used images and action to draw attention to reproductive rights and other social issues.

Charlee C. Lambert Papers 1897; 1922; 1955-2013 (W140)
Charlee Lambert was recognized as a leader in her career as a playwright, director and advocate for the elderly. Her papers contain plays, short stories, manuals, news clippings and audio visual material (1955-2013) documenting the production of her plays locally and nationally.

Liane Levetan Papers, 1963-2011 (W115)
Liane Levetan was the first women elected to the DeKalb County Board of Commissioners, where she represented District 2 for 10 years, and in 1993, she was the first female CEO of DeKalb County and served in that position for two terms from 1993-2000. From 2002-2004, Levetan served as a member of the Georgia General Assembly. The materials in this collection reflect Levetan's career prior to, during, and after her time in DeKalb and Georgia politics.

Mary N. Long Papers, 1957; 1965-2000 (W062)
Primarily correspondence, minutes and agendas, notes and writings, printed material including reports, and artifacts and ephemera make up the papers of Mary N. Long, 1957; 1965-2000. Materials relate to her employment at Grady Memorial Hospital and the Arthritis Foundation; to her service to the Georgia Nurses' Association, Georgia Nurses' Foundation, American Nurses Foundation, and other organizations; and to her work as an activist and community volunteer, including numerous speaking and training engagements as well as committee and board service. Long's political activism, state government service, and activity on behalf of the Georgia Democratic Party are also documented.

Manuscript Collections: M-O

Susan May Papers, 1979-circa 1985 (W106)
Susan May established the Council on Battered Women, and, as President of the Board and then Director, she nurtured a small task force to become a broadly-based community organization and built a comprehensive program of crisis line, shelter, children's program, and educational services. Her papers, 1979-circa 1985, include printed material, correspondence, and an original manuscript by a Council on Battered Women staff member.

Men Stopping Violence, Inc. Records, 1982-2000 (W066)
Men Stopping Violence is a social change organization dedicated to ending men's violence against women.

Mildred and Stella Playbill, early 1990s (W091)
This collection consists of one playbill for the Feminist play "Mildred and Stella" by Gayle Austin.

Lee Ague Miller Papers, 1960-1972 (W131)
The Lee Ague Miller papers, 1960-1972, consist of political polling and campaign materials, newspaper clippings, legal documents, periodicals, and correspondence. These manuscript materials detail Lee Miller's leadership in the Republican Party (mostly in Georgia) during the 1960s and early 1970s. The papers are organized into six series: Bo Callaway campaign, The Federation on Republican Women, Operation Lend-An-Ear, Muscogee County (GA) school desegregation, and the Barry Goldwater Presidential Campaign.

Jewel Dean Moody Papers,1945; 1962; undated (W067)
Jewel (Judy) Dean Moody, originally of Lake Alfred, Florida, attended Grady Memorial Hospital School of Nursing in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated on January 26, 1945. The bulk of this collection is memorabilia from her time at school including her diploma, a class photograph, her nursing cape, and nursing caps.

NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia Records,1964; 1973-2006 (W072)
Incorporated in 1980 as the Georgia Abortion Rights Action League (GARAL), NARAL Pro-Choice Georgia was the Georgia affiliate of the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL). Its records, 1964, 1980-2006, document the direction and administration of the organization, its involvement in the political process in the state, the projects and programs it undertook to further its mission, and materials it gathered regarding reproductive health and rights, activism in Georgia, and political issues.

Manuscript Collections: P-R

Christopher Paton Artifact Collection, undated (W033)
Former GSU Popular Music Archivist Chris Paton donated this collection that consists of two (2) Tab drinking glasses.

Planned Parenthood Southeast Records,1961-2001 (W084)
Founded in 1964, Planned Parenthood Southeast provides voluntary family planning services and education. The Atlanta-based organization's records, 1955-2011 (bulk 1972-2008), reflect its administration, projects, daily operations, and engagement with legislative issues, as well as that of its predecessors, Planned Parenthood of the Atlanta Area and Planned Parenthood of Georgia.

Qiyamah A. Rahman Papers,1989-1998 (W103)
Qiyamah A. Rahman worked as organizational developer of the Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence, currently known as the Georgia Coalition Against Domestic Violence, between the years of 1987 and 1989. Her papers comprise printed material such as articles, essays, research papers, and newsletters related to the fight against women's domestic violence and various organizations in Georgia and nationwide advocating for this cause.

Refugee Women's Network Records, 1989-2012 (W096)
Refugee Women's Network is a national nonprofit organization created by women for women in 1995, that focuses on enhancing refugee and immigrant women's strengths, skills, and courage through leadership training, education and advocacy. Its records, 1989-2012, consist of correspondence, minutes, printed material, financial records, artifacts, textiles, photographs, and sound and audiovisual recordings

Deborah J. Richardson Papers,1996-2008 (W086)
Deborah J. Richardson has served as a manager and executive for a number of nonprofit organizations. Richardson's papers include newsletters, articles, speeches, and programs related to her career and organizations that she served, including the National Black Arts Festival and the Juvenile Justice Fund.

Betsy Rivard Papers,1990-2006 (W099)
Caroline (Betsy) Rivard is a political activist working on environment issues pertaining to nuclear materials. Her papers, 1990-2006, consist of articles, meeting agendas and notes, and printed reflecting Rivard's service as a board member of Women's Action for New Directions (WAND) and Women Legislators' Lobby (WiLL).

Manuscript Collections: S-U

Sisters of No Mercy Records, 1978-1984 (W083)
The Sisters of No Mercy, feminist theater troupe, performed for more than three years in the early 1980s. Scripts, newsletters, newspaper clippings, research materials and photographs make up the records of the Sisters of No Mercy's performances at activist and feminist events in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

Margo Smith Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence Papers, 1986-1992 (W139)
Margo Smith, born in Pennsylvania and educated in Massachusetts, has spent her professional career battling to end domestic violence. She served as director of the Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence in the late 1980s. The Margo Smith Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence papers, 1986-1990, consist of grant proposals, publications, newspaper articles, speeches, presentations, and administrative materials related Margo Smith's time as director of the Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence.

Tampa Women’s Liberation Records,1970-1988 (W031)
Pay equity studies, the Tampa Women's Center, the University of South Florida Women's Studies Program, a series of local newspapers and journals, and Women's Centers were the roots of the Women's movement in Tampa. The collection consists of articles, journals and pamphlets concerning women's issues in the early 1970s.

Anne Tilden Artifact Collection, circa 2000; undated (W047)
Anne Tilden was a staff member in the Georgia State University Library's Special Collections and Archives. The Anne Tilden Artifact Collection is comprised of two (2) National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) buttons.

Nell H. Trotter Papers,1880 -1987 [bulk 1934 -1971] (W036)
During her tenure at GSU (1933-1947; 1953-1971), Nell Trotter taught classes in social ethics, home economics, history, political science, and business communication. She went on to become Assistant Dean of Students, Dean of Women, and Assistant Professor of Business Education. The materials in the Nell H. Trotter papers reflect some of Trotter's personal and professional life between 1934 and 1971, as well as changing attitudes to and of women in higher education throughout the twentieth century.

Maxine Turner Papers, 1996; undated (W074)
Born in 1935, Maxine Turner was a Georgia Institute of Technology professor of literature and communication, a technical writing consultant. The collection consists of a mailing list, two personal accounts, 17 photographs, three buttons, and seven picket signs related to a 1996 protest against the Episcopal Church's refusal to ordain women as ministers.

Manuscript Collections: V-Z

Karen Wagner Artifact Collection, circa 1980-1982; undated (W089)
Former GSU subject librarian, Karen Wagner donated this small artifact collection containing buttons and a postcard supporting various feminist and leftist causes.

Terri Wilder Papers, circa 1996-2007 (Q085)
Terri Wilder is an activist, HIV/AIDS advocate, and social worker who has worked in HIV patient services for over twenty years.

Diane Winters Papers, 1974-2001 (W107)
Diane Winters helped found the Council on Battered Women in 1975 and continues to serve as a board member for the Georgia Advocates for Battered Women and Children. Her papers consist of correspondence, minutes and agendas, pamphlets, photographs, and a recording, 1974-2001, and relate to her work with the Georgia Network Against Domestic Violence, a branch of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, and its affiliates.

Women’s Events Collection,1997 – (ongoing) (W030)
The Women's Events Collection is an artificial collection formed of items relating to events and exhibits about women's history or women's issues.

Women’s Policy Group Records,1990-2008 (W094)
Originally established in 1988 as the Women and Children's Policy Group, the Women's Policy Group (WPG) is a non-profit organization in the state of Georgia with an office in Atlanta. The group's main mission is to bring interested parties together to study the problems that keep women and their families underemployed, impoverished, and underserved in order to find workable solutions. Over the years, the organizations have produced a number of important research papers and projects on a variety of issues impacting women. Correspondence, minutes and agendas, printed material, financial documents, legal documents, and photographs make up the records of Women's Policy Group (WPG).

Women’s Printed Collection – Pamphlets
The "Printed Collection: Pamphlets" is an artificial collection of published and unpublished materials by or about women. Although called a pamphlet collection, this is in fact what some might consider to be a subject file or a vertical file, as it also includes reports, articles, directories, etc. Materials are usually received by Special Collections along with donated manuscript collections.

Women’s Printed Collection – Periodicals

Alice C. Young Papers,1973-1988 (W061)
Alice C. Young has been involved in various community groups and causes. One of her lifetime commitments has been improving the conditions of women both on and off campus. Correspondence, minutes, agendas, reports, printed materials, photographs and artifacts make up the papers of Alice C. Young.