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CHEM 4160: Research in Chemistry I - CTW: Using ChemDraw


ChemDraw Create Account or Log In

*Note*: GSU ChemDraw licenses are managed by the Chemistry Department, not the library.

For license issues, please contact the GSU Technology Service Desk or Chemistry IT. For assistance with using the software, use the help links on this page or contact the professor/T.A. for your class.

Drawing Software

GSU has a site license to ChemDraw.

The GSU Chemistry department has ChemDraw installed on their computers.

ChemSketch is a free software similar to ChemDraw and contains other functions such as making chemical movies (above). Other free drawing software includes Symyx Draw and MarvinSketch.

Download ChemDraw

1. Create a PerkinElmer account using your GSU email address at

2. Verify your account through the verification email you get in your GSU email inbox before moving on to step 3.

If you already have a PerkinElmer account associated with your GSU email address you can skip to step 3.

3. Log into your PerkinElmer account at

4. Go to and then in the search box search for “Georgia State University” 

5. When you find GSU click to “Register” for the first option

6. At the register link, create a new account OR Go to and click “Sign Up” (NOT log in), put in your same email and password. 

7. Wait for a verification email in your GSU email inbox and click “Create Account” in the email to open a new browser page

If the second login is not working, reset your password at

8. Then it should take you to the download page and you have the option to download the latest version by clicking “download now” for ChemOffice Suite