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Southern Labor Archives: W. J. Usery, Jr.: Speeches

Speeches and Conferences, 1971-1990

The W.J. Usery, Jr. Papers includes a collection of speeches, the bulk of which were written and delivered between 1971 and 1990.  Delivered to companies' management staffs, professional organizations in the arbitration, mediation, and industrial relations fields, as well as union gatherings, Usery delivered a consistent message of the mechanisms of labor management cooperation and its changing face.

Speeches, 1971-1979:

April 16, 1971 Georgia College, Milledgeville, Georgia
June 2, 1974 Georgia Military College, Milledgeville, Georgia
April 21, 1976 W.J. Usery, Jr. Day in Milledgeville, Georgia
April 30, 1976 Law Day, Mercer University, Macon, Georgia
June 13, 1976 Macon Junior College Commencement Services, Macon, Georgia
February 2, 1977 Board of Directors, Institute of Collective Bargaining and Group Relations, Inc., New York, New York
March 9-11, 1977 American Management Association's 48th Annual Human Resources Conference, New York, New York
May 18, 1977 National Executive Institute of Police Chief Executives, Quantico, Virginia
September 21, 1977 Unionization of the Military, U. S. Air Force Academy
 January 11, 1978 Fact Sheet of WJU, Used before The National Executive Institute-FBI National Academy, Quantico, Virginia
April 18, 1978 Fund Raising Dinner for Richard L. Thornburgh, Hershey, Pennsylvania
April 21, 1978 American Standard, Inc., Industrial Relations and Personnel Meeting, Palm Springs, California
 May 17, 1978   Westinghouse Executive Study Conference, Chicago, Illinois
May 18, 1978   Georgia State University, Public Law Sector Labor-Management Relations Forum, Atlanta, Georgia
May 25, 1978 University of Nebraska at Omaha Labor Management Forum
 June 23, 1978   Industry Labor Law Committee, National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, DC
 July 19, 1978   Fund Raising Breakfast for Stan Thomas, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
 August 21, 1978 Division Personnel Managers of INCOM International, Inc., Hudson, Ohio
 October 3, 1978 "An Approach to Productivity Bargaining " The American Productivity Center- Business Week Productivity Conference, New York, New York
 October 16, 1978 29th National Convention of Industrial Union of Marine and Shipbuilding Workers of America, Miami Beach, Florida
 November 2, 1978 10th Anniversary Reunion Honoring George Shultz, Washington, DC
 December 11, 1978 Lima Management Club, National Management Association, Chapter No. 516, Lima, Ohio
 January 12, 1979 Westinghouse Corporation's Construction Group Business Managers, New York, New York
March 1, 1979 Executive Board Meeting, Glass Bottle Blowers Association of the United States and Canada (AFL-CIO), Miami Beach, Florida
 March 12, 1979 American Paper Institute, Inc., Printing-Writing Paper Division, New York, New York
 March 16, 1979 Labor and Management in 1979-Adversaries and Allies for a Stronger America, Atlanta, Georgia Chapter of the IRRA
 March 30, 1979 Personnel Relations Managers Meeting, Westinghouse Corporation, Atlanta, Georgia
 April 25, 1979 Glass Bottle Blowers Association, Areas I, II, III Educational Conferences
 June 4, 1979 Labor Relations Seminar, Sponsored by Earle Shaw, Hershey, Pennsylvania
 September 19, 1979   Productivity Bargaining 2nd Annual APC Productivity Conference, Chicago, Illinois

Speeches, 1980-1990:

January 29, 1980 F. W. Dodge Construction Superforum Luncheon, New York, New York
February 1, 1980 Industry Labor Law Committee Outline, National Association of Manufacturers' Building, Washington, DC
June 3, 1980 Productivity and America's Declining Industrial Supremacy, Maryland Chapter, American Society for Performance Improvement, Baltimore, MD
June 4, 1980 Responsible Associations: The Key to America's Growth National Elevator Industry, Inc. Annual Convention, San Francisco, California
June 9, 1980 Labor's Response to the Productivity Movement North American Society for Corporate Planning, Toronto, Canada
July 16, 1980 American Productivity Center-Westinghouse Dinner, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
July 29, 1980  U. S. House Subcommittee on Economic Stabilization-Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs, Washington, DC
August 9, 1980 Statement before the Subcommittee on Consumer Protection and Finance, House Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce, Washington, DC
September 16, 1980 Labor's Response to the Productivity Movement Washington Area Chapter of North American Society of Corporate Planning, Washington, DC
 October 7, 1980  The Collective Bargaining Process in the U. S.-A Seminar Conducted by WJU for Labor Trends Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 28, 1980 The Financial Executive Institute, Baltimore, Maryland
October 30, 1980 Westinghouse Electric Corporation's CAD:CAM III Symposium, Opportunities for the Eighties Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
November 6, 1980   Athens Area Industrial Management Group, Athens, Georgia
November 11, 1980   Baltimore Maryland Gas and Electric Company Senior Executive Forum
November 20, 1980 Baltimore Maryland Chapter of the IRRA
 December 10, 1980   Remarks by WJU, Joint Economic Committee Productivity Seminar, Washington, DC
 January 29, 1981 Wingate College, Wingate, North Carolina
April 4, 1981 AMVETS Civil Servant of the Year to Dr. Andrew Victor Schally, Arlington, Virginia
 April 8, 1981  San Diego Chapter of the IRRA
April 8, 1981  Lockheed Senior Executives Conference, Santa Barbara, California
 May 7, 1981 Ninth Annual Personnel Compliance Conference Sponsored by Executive Enterprises, Inc.
 June 5, 1981 Southern Area Conference of the Financial Executives Institute, Williamsburg, Virginia
 June 10, 1981  George Ives Testimonial Dinner, Washington, D. C
September 15, 1981  Women's Transportation Industry Seminar, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
 September 16, 1981 Board of Directors Meeting of the National Construction Employers Council, Washington, D. C
 September 17, 1981  Outline, Lecture at Calvin College, Grand Rapids, Michigan
 September 25, 1981 Joint Meeting of AMTRAK and the Association of American Railroads, Chicago, Illinois
 January 28, 1982 Joint Meeting of Philadelphia Citizens Crime Committee and the Federal Bar Association, Philadelphia
 February 16, 1982 American Legion Women's Auxiliary, Washington, D. C
 February 24, 1982  The Changing Role of American Labor Relations in the 1980s Lee-Hecht and Associates Breakfast Meeting, New York, New York
April 21, 1982 Draft Speech, Personnel Association of Greater Baltimore Maryland
June 14, 1982 Outline for a Presentation before Grocery Manufacturers' Association Annual Executive Conference
November 18, 1982 Phi Delta Phi International Legal Fraternity, Villanova University School of Law Chapter, Pennsylvania
December 1, 1982 Nixon, Hargraves Law Firm, Rochester, New York
April 12, 1983 The Mediator's Role in Labor Relations in the 1980s Executive Management Conference, Burlington North, Inc., Monterey, California
August 18, 1983 27th Convention, Brotherhood of Railway Carmen of the United States and Canada, Kansas City, Missouri
August 23, 1983 Department of Labor-Department of the Air Force Joint Conference, Washington, DC
November 5, 1983 Cooperative Negotiating Strategies Seminar on Collective Bargaining at the John Gray Institute
January 16, 1984 The Challenge of Change in American Labor Relations Pepsico Annual Personnel Conference, Purchase, New York
January 27, 1984 The Changing Nature of Labor Relations in the Airline Industry Merrill Lynch Capital Markets-Conference for Airline Financial Officers, Key Largo, Florida
February 8, 1984 The Challenge of Change in American Labor Relations Chief Financial Officers' Seminar-Institutional Investor,
February 29, 1984 Symposium-Proskauer, Rose, Goetz & Mendelsohn, New York City, New York
March 26, 1984 New Challenges for American Workers 1984 Ohio Conference on Jobs and Economic Revitalization Don Pease, M. C.
June 19, 1984 The Labor-Management Partnership Conference: AChoosing a Future: Steps to Revitalize the Mid-American Economy Ameritrust Corporation
August 7, 1984 American Bar Association Section of Employment and Labor Law Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois
September 5;

November 1,


The New Labor-Management Partnership Conference: AChoosing a Future: Steps to Revitalize the Mid-American Economy Ameritrust Corporation and the Economic Club of Chicago, Illinois
March 28, 1985 New United Motors: A Case Study Conference, AJapanese Labor-Management Relations: A Hard Look at a Purported Model sponsored by Columbia University and The Center for Japanese Legal Studies, New York, New York
May 10, 1985 Remy-Delco Labor-Management Committee, Anderson, Indiana
September 18, 1985 Internal Revenue Service, Management Enrichment Program Washington, DC
November 7, 1985 Ameritrust (canceled)
February 13, 1986 Airline Industry Seminar, Joe Leonard Speech, Draft 2
February 23-26, 1986 First Southeastern Labor-Management Conference [did not attend],
February 24, 1986 First Southeastern Labor-Management Conference, Tampa, Florida
March 5, 1986 Competitiveness and Human Values- "A Challenge for Labor and Management" Conference
March 23-25, 1986 Edmund G. "Pat" Brown Institute of Government Affairs [canceled],
April 16, 1986 "Managing to Make Things-Profitably The Conference Board [canceled],
April 17, 1986 IRRA National Meeting, Atlanta, Georgia
April 18, 1986 Georgia Military College Career Day
May 9, 1986 UAW-GM Paid Educational Leave Program, Washington, D. C
May 28, 1986 IRRA, Washington, D. C., Annual Dinner Meeting
October 7-8, 1986 The 1986 Indiana Automotive Industry Conference
November 13, 1986 IRRA Greater Houston Texas Chapter
December 12, 1986 National Institute for Work and Learning
February 19-20, 1987 Society of Federal Labor Relations Professionals
April 2, 1987 Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee
April 8, 1987 Anheuser-Busch Quality of Work Life Conference, ANew Perspectives on Employer-Employee Relations St. Louis, Missouri
April 23, 1987 International Intermodal Expo-Chair Panel Session [canceled]
July 16, 1987 Leadership in Uncertain Times 69th Annual Silver Bay Association Invitational Conference on Human Issues in Management, Silver Bay, New York
September 21, 1987 National Association of Manufacturers 1987 Fall Industrial Relations Conference, Charleston, South Carolina [2 speeches]
September 30, 1987 Visionary Leadership and the Future of Labor-Management Relations Quad City Area Labor-Management Council, Co-sponsored by the Bureau of Labor-Management Relations and Cooperative Programs, Rock Island, Illinois
October 7, 1987 Statement of WJU to the President's Advisory Committee on Mediation and Conciliation
October 19, 1987 Collective Bargaining: Beyond Adversity Toward Joint Leadership Philadelphia Area Labor-Management Committee, "Negotiations 88:...",
October 28, 1987 L. C. "Bud" Hunter Testimonial Dinner
November 4-6, 1987 Department of Labor Bureau of Labor-Management Relations and Cooperative Programs, Annapolis Conference
February 4-5, 1988 National Conference, Federal Sector Labor Relations-Past, Present and Future, presented by Center Labor-Management and Employment Law, University of San Diego School of Law, with FMCS and Department of Labor
June 14, 1988 Into the 21st Century: The Global Economy and U. S. Labor Relations 4th Alabama Governor's Labor-Management Conference
July 15, 1988 National Institute for Work and Learning UAW-GM Paid Educational Leave PEL Program [canceled]
September 1, 1988 Southeastern Diamond Jubilee Department of Labor 75th Anniversary, Atlanta, Georgia
March 22; 29, 1989 The Era of Economics: The Global Economy and U. S. Labor Relations NUMMI Supplier Conference
April 20, 1989 The Era of Economics: The Global Economy and U. S. Labor Relations IBEW 1989 Manufacturing Conference, New Orleans, Louisiana
October 10, 1989 Cumberland, Maryland
November 30, 1989 Industrial Relations Seminar, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, North Carolina
March 23,
Partnership for Change
April 18,
Labor Relations in the 1990s
May 7,
American Mining Congress, Cincinnati, Ohio
May 17,
Atlanta Bar Association Labor and Employment Law Section 
August 13-17, 1990
Georgia Labor-Management Conference 
November 8,1990
WJU Testimonial Dinner

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