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Copyright Overview

An overview of copyright and related issues.

Author's Rights Links

Understanding Your Rights

Since copyright is granted automatically with creation and creation of works is such a large part of academic life, many of us don't really understand copyright that well. We just take it for granted. But knowing and understanding your rights is essential!

Sample Author Addendums

Many authors do not realize that when they sign an agreement with a publisher to publish their articles that they also shift their copyright to the publisher as well.  Retaining your rights as an author is important to ensure you can use your writings in teaching or as a foundation for future publications.  Attaching an author addendum to the publisher agreement will help ensure you retain the rights you need.

The following are examples of author addenda provided at other Universities indicating institutional support. 

Suggested Instructions for Using an Author Amendment Form

  1. Print, sign, and date the Author Amendment. The corresponding author can sign on behalf of all authors. 
  2. Staple the Author Amendment to the publisher’s agreement or copyright transfer form.  
  3. Write “Subject to attached amendment” below your signature on the publisher’s copyright transfer or publication agreement form. This phrase along with your signature serves to inform the publisher that you accept the publisher’s agreement only if the publisher accepts the attached Author Amendment.  
  4. Make copies of all the forms for your records.