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Government Information: Census

The Census in the Library

The University Library has a tremendous amount of census information in physical formats (i.e. book, CD, etc.) For a complete listing of the Library's census holdings search GIL the Library's online catalog. Conduct a keyword search. On the first line type "census" and on the second line the year of the census being researched (e.g. Census and 1920). 

1790 - 2000 Census

The Library holds the Population & Housing Census in several physical formats (i.e. book, microform, CD-ROM). Here is a listing for each census through 2000.

Census Data

Census Databases


Census Research

"The Census Bureau serves as the leading source of quality data about the nation's people and economy." The agency produces a wide variety of statistical data products, including the comprehensive decennial census, the annual Statistical Abstract of the United States, and ongoing surveys of the population, economy, crime, voting, etc.

Census of Population and Housing

Within the population branch the main program has been the decennial census, produced since 1790, with many smaller on-going programs for data collection. Many libraries contain collections of the historical census reports, with more recent data online. The federal population census records from 1790 through 1930, which list the individuals in each household, are available selectively in some libraries and archives.

For geneaological research, the list of individuals and their characterisitcs is released after 72 years, therefore 1930 is the most recent available (through the National Archives). In Georgia it is available at the University of Georgia Libraries and at the National Archives' Southeast Region Federal Records Center (Atlanta area) . For more information, go to National Archives Census microfilm website .

Decennial User Guides:

1. 1990 census of population and housing. Guide. is at Ref HA201 1990f, See also:
Finders guide to census tract reports at Ref HA 201. 1990o (Library North 2)
2. 1990 census of population and housing. History is at Ref HA201 1990q (Library North 2)
3. Users' guide, 1980 census of population and housing is at Ref HA201 1980 b (Library North 2)
4. 1980 Census of Population and Housing History (In 5 parts) C 3.223/22:80-R-2/ A-E (Lib. South 4)
5. 1970 census users' guide is at Ref HA37.U52 1970c (Library North 2)
6. 1970 census of population and housing : procedural history. HA201 1970. A544 (General Collection)

Census Links:

Census 2000 Gateway (Census 2000 in a nutshell)
1990 Census
American Indian and Alaska Native Summary
110th Congressional District Summary

Economic Census of the United States

Going back into the 1800's, the Economic Census is now produced every 5 years in years ending in "2" and "7". The 2007 survey on business activity will be published during 2009 and 2010.

User Guides for the Economic Census:

1. Guide to the 1997 Economic Census
2. There was no guide to the 1992 Economic Census, try Overview of Economic Statistical Programs.
3. Guide to the 1987 economic censuses and related statistics is at Ref HC106.8.G85 1990. (Library North 2)

4. History of the 1997 Economic Census
5. History of the 1992 economic census is at Ref HA37.U55 M45 1996. (Library North 2)

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