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Finals Survival Guide: PAWS and Destress, Panthers

Need a bit of help to get through finals week? We've got you covered. Look through this guide for info on time and stress management, study tips, and other resources that can help you pass finals week with flying colors.

Ready for a Break?

When you're ready to give studying a rest, check out these resources. Give yourself some time to recharge and relax- you deserve it! 

Virtual Activites

Check out these interesting sites if you want to zone out and relax, learn a new skill, or explore new things. 


Take a break and have some fun with these games. Solve escape room puzzles, play classic board games, play with a friend or go solo- it's up to you. Have fun!

GSU Resources

GSU is here to help. Finals week can be particularly stressful. If you need help taking care of yourself mentally or physically, we have resources for you to make this time a little easier. 

Travel (Virtually)

Sounds & Music

Whether you need a soundtrack to fall asleep to or background noise to study to, we've got a few here for you to choose from. 

Work It Out!

Working out can help relieve stress and is a great way to engage in self care during a stressful academic week. Check out these fitness resources to see which one you enjoy the most and get moving!