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Applied Behavior Analysis

APA Psycinfo Journal Coverage and Browsing/Searching specific journals

Journal Coverage in APA Psycinfo


image of search strategy for individual journal titles in the APA Psycinfo database


The following journals are available on APA PsycInfo with the exception of two in which case I offer a link to the journal in an alternative database:

American Journal on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The Analysis of Verbal Behavior

Behavior Analysis in Practice (formerly The Behavior Analyst Today)

Behavioral Development

Behavior Modification

Behavioral Interventions

Child and Family Behavior Therapy

Education and Training in Autism and Developmental Disabilities (formerly Education and Training in Developmental Disabilities)

Education and Treatment of Children

European Journal of Behavioral Analysis (Available on Taylor and Francis:

Exceptional Children (Available on Education Source:,shib&db=eue&jid=EXC&site=ehost-live&custid=gsu1)

Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities

Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders

Journal of Behavioral Education

Journal of Developmental and Physical Disabilities

Journal of Organizational Behavior Management

Journal of Positive Behavior Interventions

Perspectives on Behaviors Science (formerly The Behavior Analysis)

The Psychological Record

Here's how to browse within a specific journal using the library's full-text journal look-up tool. Note that the coverage listed in the library's journal title search tool is for full text access. There's no comprehensive look-up tool to see indexing without full text. So, it may be easier to just search APA Psycinfo if all of the journals that you need to search have the bibliographic info indexed within APA Psycinfo. 

1. Go to the University Library home page:

2. In the main search box area on the left, Arrow down to select “Journals”

3. Enter the journal title

4. A list of results will appear. Select the correct title with the "online access" option.

6. Click "online access". A list of databases that cover that journal title will appear. The date range for coverage is listed, so consider that when selecting your database.

7. The search interface is a little different for each database, but most databases let you browse and search for specific terms.


Boolean Search example in APA Psycinfo

Boolean Searching (Using AND, OR, NOT with appropriate parentheses/syntax) gives you the most control over your search results. With this type of search, you work on the search strategy so that you can have a high level of confidence that the search is pulling all of the relevant content that you need in an efficient manner. You should retrieve a reasonable amount of results so that it will not be overwhelming to look through all results. Because there is so much research on autism, the search below will need a third concept or additional in APA PsycInfo


Smart Text Searching in APA Psycinfo

Smart text searching is an easy way to search. However, the results are not comparable in accuracy as using a Boolean (AND, OR, NOT) option.Still, if you are using SmartText searching in a database like APA Psycinfo, you are still searching the same rigorous corpus. So, you might find this option helpful. You will likely get thousands of results. That's ok for this type of search.

image of smart text searching in the APA Psycinfo database