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RMI 3500: Property & Liability Insurance: Home

Choosing a Research Topic

If you haven't decided on a research topic, take a look at some of the resources listed below.  You can either read through the headlines of three major insurance publications or check out the brief industry issues overviews provided by the American Insurance Association.

Locaing Journal Articles

Once you have decided on a research topic, brainstorm some keywords that describe the information youwant to find.  Then use those terms to search for journal articles in one of the sources listed below.  Each of the following databases provides full text access to hundreds of scholarly business journals, newspapers, and trade publications.

Locating Industry Reports & Statistics

In addition to journal articles, you may want to identify industry reports and statistics provided by industry related associations, think tanks, and research firms.  Listed below are some that provide reports and statistics on property & casualty/liability insurance.

Locating Legal Information

The sources listed below will help you locate congressional legislation and significant legal cases related to your research topic.  Law Reviews are a great place to start legal research because the authors usually takes a stance on a particular legal issue and cites legal cases to support his/her point of view.