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RE4800: Market Analysis: Business Newspapers

Video Tutorial: Find News Articles Using USNewstream

This video will walk you through the steps of finding real estate articles in major U.S. newspapers. You can search any US major newspapers with the USNewstream database, Including the NY Times, San Francisco Chronicles, L.A. Times, Chicago Tribunes, Charlotte Observer, etc...

Video Tutorial: Find Real Estate Articles in the Atlanta Business Chronicles

This video shows you how to access the Atlanta Business Chronicle through Robinson's Career Advancement Center's Handshake.

Find Business News Articles: AJC, NY Times or any Major US Newspapers

Atlanta Business Chronicle Articles

The Atlanta Business Chronicle(ABC) and Book of Lists Online are accessible through the Robinson College of Business' Career Advancement Center's Handshake.  All students can access Handshake by first creating an account with your GSU campus ID and password.  Once in Handshake, you will see the access codes (user ID and password) that you can use to sign-in the Robinson's  Atlanta Business Chronicle account. 

Here are the steps:

1. Sign-in or Create a Handshake Account with your campus ID and password. If Handshake recognizes you as a Robinson student, you will be able to find ABC and the Book of Lists under the Resources tab. If not, follow Step 2-4 to access these resources.

2. Click here to view the access link and codes to the Atlanta Business Chronicle

3. Click on the Atlanta Business Chronicle link ( provided on that page, then go to the upper right corner and sign in with the access ID and password.

4. Once in the Atlanta Business Chronicle, look for articles under 'Commercial or Residential Real Estate" Tabs

Please contact Robinson's Career Advancement Center if you have further questions. 


WSJ -- Real Estate Daily

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