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MKT 4900 Capstone: Library Resources: Find Marketing History, SWOT, and Trends

Video Tutorial: Find Marketing History Articles Using USNewstream

This video will walk you through the steps of finding marketing articles in major U.S. newspapers. You can search any US major newspapers with the USNewstream database, Including business newspapers such as the Wall Street Journals, Financial Times, NY Times, Baron's, and Boston Business Journal.

Video Tutorial: Find Company SWOT Analyses

This video walks you through the steps how to find SWOT analyses for major U.S. public companies such as Coca Cola Company, PepsiCo, State Farm, and Frito-Lay.

Video Tutorial: Find Marketing Trends Using Discover Tool

MKT in the News: Find Marketing History in Major US Newspapers

Wall Street Journal or The New York Times :The current/recent Wall Street Journal and other Business newspapers are available through the US Newsstream database. Below are steps to search news articles:

  1. Open the US Newsstream database. Click on Advanced Search

  2. Enter Wall Street Journal or any newspaper. Go to the right, click on the drop menu next to the "Anywhere" box. Find and click on "Publication title - PUB"

  3. Enter Marketing Campaigns, Go to box to the right  Find and click on  "Subject heading -MAINHEADING"

  4. Enter your search terms such as " Pepsi'" or "State Farm" or "Frito"

  5. Go to the left side navigation. Use the time scale to limit your search to certain decades, i.e. 80s or 90s, and limit subjects to including "Marleting," "Consumers," "Advertisement," "Ads," "Ads campaigns," or marketing concepts taught in the course. 

Marketing Plans: Find Company SWOT Analyses

For the marketing plan assignment, you can search the SWOT analyses for major US public companies in the Business Source Complete database.

Here are the steps:

1.Click to open Business Source Complete

2. Look over to the right side.  Look under the "Browse" navigation to find "SWOT Analyses"

3.Click to open "SWOT Analyses.".  Enter the company name, for example, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, State Farm, Frito-Lay, etc..

4.Go over o the right side, under "All Issues and Articles," Click on the latest publication year

5. Click on the latest issue.

6. Open the SWOT analysis report. 



Marketing Trends: Find Trends Using the Discover Tool

In addition the sources on the internet such as,  you can research marketing trends in the Discover tool at GSU Library.

Here are the steps:


1.Go to the GSU Library Website. Click

2. Find the Discover Tool at the landing page. 

3. Enter "Marketing Trends" Click Search,

4. Find the "Advanced Search" link, click to open

5. Go the right side, under the "Select a Field (Optional), click on the dropdown menu.

6. Click on "TI -Title" Click Search

7.Limit the time scale to the last few years

8. Go to the left side navigation, Scroll down to "Source Types,"  Click on "More"

9. Select current sources "Trade Publications," "Newspapers," and "Magazines."

10. Browse through the results list or limit your search further with the left-side navigation.  

WSJ -- Marketing Daily

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