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CRJU 3020: Research Methods In Criminal Justice

This guide will help you find information and resources on research methods. Click on the various links to access library resources plus reliable, relevant websites.

Research Assignment

Create an abridged literature review for a research proposal

  • Identify a single research question or a set of research questions
  • Find scholarly articles
  • Summarize research

Why a literature review? You are trying to determine what evidence exists on your research idea.

A literature review is a component of the research process in which the author summarizes or synthesizes the ideas and arguments made by scholars. In the social sciences a literature review can be organized in a number of ways including by topic, chronological, or by methodology. The more focused your research topic the more straightforward the literature review will be.

Remember that the literature review (a.k.a. the lit. review) is, in essence, a paper in and of itself. It has an introduction; a body and a conclusion. It is NOT an annotated bibliography.

  • The introduction informs the reader how you have organized your literature review.
  • The body is the presentation of the resources you have reviewed.
  • The conclusion is your statement about your review. What does the literature tell you? What perspective are you going to argue for?

Caution: Make sure that the choices you make in writing a literature review reflect the requirements of your assignment. Be sure to consult with your Professor.

Writing in Criminal Justice

Research Method

The Scientific Method is not one single thing. It refers to the ideas, rules, techniques, and approaches that the scientific community uses.