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Dr. Mandy - GSU NVivo Help

SAGE Research Methods -- resources for teaching & learning soc-sci methods!

SAGE Research Methods (SRM) is an amazing tool for GSU folx learning or teaching research methods and those conducting research across social science fields.

SRM includes:

  • a library of more than 1000 books, reference works, journal articles
  • instructional videos by leading researchers
  • full-text of the “Little Green Book” series for quantitative methods and the “Little Blue Book” series for qualitative methods
  • a repository of research case studies and datasets (including qualitative data!) that can be used in the classroom or for self-guided learning
  • and much more -- check out this recorded overview session on SRM

AAS 6012 Session Files

NVivo Project File (Windows & Mac versions) & Classification Sheet

Transcripts of "Interviews"

Other Examples - PDFs, Survey Data, Audio & Video

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What can I do with NVivo?

Ready to Install NVivo? Go to

Use NVivo for qualitative analysis:

  • Organizing and coding multiple data sources (textual & audiovisual) in one central project file.
  • Assigning attributes to data (e.g., demographics) for comparative purposes.
  • Adding interpretations and notes.
  • Querying and searching data.
  • Visualizing data.

^^This detailed NVivo guide has info about downloading NVivo for free (as a GSU student, staff, or faculty member), materials for the live and recorded NVivo workshops, help resources, etc.