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A starting point for research on all aspects of philosophy.


This guide is a starting point for research in philosophy at Georgia State University. Click the tabs above to navigate to the various sections of the guide. 

Research assistance is available from the Philosophy Librarian (right column) and from reference library staff.

Research Tips to Get You Started

Select a topic that interests you:
Start by choosing a topic that interests you and that you can cover in the time and space required for your project.   

Develop a list of search terms:
Compile a list of words, as well as synonyms and alternate words, that describe your topic. Use these words to search for your topic in the Library Catalog and in Article Databases.

Decide whether you need books or articles:
Books may be helpful for background information and for familiarizing yourself with a topic. Articles typically address a very narrow aspect of a topic. Your assignment will determine the types of sources you should use. Ask your professor if you have any questions.

Keep a log of your search process:
Keep track of the search terms and phrases that "work" (find the best information) and which ones do not.

Cite as you go:
Even if you're not sure whether you will use a source in your project, it's much easier to note the citation information up front than to decide you need it later! 


Philosophy Librarian

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