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Special Collections & Archives Student Assistant Guide: Emergencies

A helpful guide for student assistants working in Special Collections.



  • Emergencies: 911
  • Campus Police: 404-413-3333
  • Hearing Impaired: 404-413-3202
  • Safety Escorts: 404-413-2100


All information on this page is provided by Georgia State University's Office of Safety & Security. Please visit their site for more information on campus safety. 

If you hear gunfire

If an armed person enters the building or you hear gunfire, take immediate steps to protect yourself and others.
1.  Stop work or activity.
2. If you are in a classroom or laboratory, immediately close the door and lock it if it has a lock. If it does not have a lock, use desks and chairs to block the doorway.  If it is safe to do so, move to a safer area and away from the threat.  Warn others of the danger.
3. Stay away from windows and out of view. Take a position behind heavy furniture, a counter or anything that will hide your location and provide some cover. Stay hidden until the police arrive.
4. If there are injuries or you have a description or 
location of the shooter or shooting, and a phone is available, call 404-413-3333.
5. If you are in an open area, find a suitable room that might offer protection.
6. If you are unable to get into a secured area and the gunman approaches you, your actions will depend solely on your judgment and capability. No strategy is 100 percent effective, but have a plan and DO 


Tornado warnings require you to stay inside a building to protect yourself and others.
1.  Stop work or activity.
2.  Advise others to stay in the
building due to the emergency. Going
outside poses a risk of injury or death.
3. Move to the lowest floor of the building 
if possible. Select an interior room or 
stairwell without windows and avoid rooms with mechanical equipment like fume hoods or other ventilation equipment, exterior 
windows or doors. Do not use the elevator.
4.  If possible, find a room with a landline
telephone as cell phone networks may be overwhelmed.
5.  Listen to the radio or television and
monitor e-mail and the GSU web page (, indoor and outdoor public address systems until you are told all is safe or to evacuate.
* Look for the designated tornado shelter signs throughout the building for safe areas.

Building Evacuation

In the event of a fire or other emergency that
requires evacuation, take immediate action
and provide guidance to others.
1.  Stop work or activity
2. Immediately evacuate the building using the established and posted evacuation routes. If you do not know your route, select a path to
get out of the building quickly.
3. Do not use elevators.
4. If you are able to safely assist 
mobility-impaired individuals in danger, do so.  If not, immediately call GSUPD at 404-413-3333.
5. If the cause of the evacuation was a fire, do not attempt to extinguish the fire yourself unless you have received Fire Extinguisher Training and can safely extinguish the flame.
6. Once out of the building, gather at the 
pre-planned assembly area (across and away from the building).
7. Do not re-enter the building for any
reason, unless requested and accompanied by GSUPD or the Fire Department.