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ENGL 1101 Textbook Initiative: Other Texts

Potential resources for GPC's ENGL 1101 Textbook initiative. (ARCHIVE)

Writing Commons

Writing Commons

Not printable (other than each webpage)

Multimedia content means printed version is not equal to online version.

Content too advanced for our needs

No grammar section

Used at Ga. Tech, so transferable

Suggested that we mine the site for videos, other content.


Not editable.

Good layout and design for a web-based textbook.

Students tend not to follow hyperlinks, preferring to stay on main text.

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Boundless "Writing"

Boundless "Writing"

Web-based; Not printable.

Good content.

"Share alike license" but unclear how to get editable content

Easy to navigate to get pieces

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Process of Research Writing

Process of Research Writing

Too advanced; might be good for ENGL 1102

HTML and pdf versions

printable by chapter

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