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BCOM 3950 - Business Communication and Professional Development: Industry Research

Researching Industries

Like researching companies, performing industry research is a skill that you will use beyond your time in school, and for many similar reasons. The tools on this page are a small portion of what is availble through the GSU Library.

  • Hoover's is a good starting point for industry information, with easy to find links to the major players in the industry as well as the overall outlook for the industry. Hoover's is also a fast way to find the NAICS and SIC codes for an industry.
  • Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys - available online through NetAdvantage
  • Industry Profiles, Country Reports and Trade Publications through Business Source Complete
  • IBISWorld is an excellent resource for understanding an industry, including the current issue and the major competitors

Beyond these, the library may have additional information available about your industry in our collections. From the library home page, use the search box to search for items in our catalog related to your industry. Make sure you consider alternative ways to describe your industry. For example, if you are researching the clothing industry, you might also search for apparel, women's apparel, or other terms specifically related to your industry. If you need more assistance finding items in the catalog, this guide will be helpful