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BCOM 3950 - Business Communication and Professional Development: Company Research

Researching Companies

Company research is a key skill across business disciplines. Beyond school research, this skill is important when you're considering a job change, preparing for an interview, trying to make investment decisions, or doing business with a company. Some resources and things to consider when researching a company:

  • Is this company public or private? It can be more difficult to find information about private companies.
    • Hoover's is a good place to gather basic background information about a company, including basic sales, contact information and the company's status as public or private.  Hoover's does include some information on private companies as well as public companies. 
  • Is the company in the news lately? Try these sources for news, magazines and journal articles
  • Financial Information. For public companies, begin with Mergent Online. Private company financial information is less likely to be available, but estimates may be included in ReferenceUSA.   
  • SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) Analysis reports are available for many companies through Business Source Complete and provide a good overview of the company's current environment.