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Making the Most of Web 2.0: General Research Guide: Web 2.0 Meets Print

Web 2.0 delivers credible, current, and exciting information. Learn how to put Web 2.0 resources to work for you.

Blogs, Columns, and the News

Blogs, Columns, and the News

Most newspapers, magazines, and their web based equivalents all host bloggers at their sites. A blogger who works for a newspaper, magazine, news site, or e-zine is not much different from a columnist or regular contributor to the op-ed page. This means that newspaper and news site blogs share their host publication's credibility because somewhere in the background, an editor's and publisher's watchful eye oversees all content. This is the AJC

New York Times logo For top level writing on world affairs, social policy, economics, politics, and more, try New York Times' Opinion Pages and the New York Times collection of blogs. Note: the New York Times limits free articles to five(5) per month. You still have unlimited access to the Times' blogs through News and Newspapers. For news blogs with a local flavor, try The AJC's blogs/columns.

Both Slate and, two e-zines, also host bloggers. <
Slate Magazine

For more news blogs, please visit the master list on the right side of this page.

Away from the Front Page

Away from the Front Page

Not every one loves reading news. If the front page makes your eyes glaze over and you can't wait to get to the features, there are blogs for you. Many blogs/columns cover specialized subjects. Of course, the New York Times hosts columns about public policy, foreign affairs, politics, and lifestyle topic, and both Curlie and Dotdash, publish on a variety of subjects. Remember the New York Times, only allows five(5) free articles per month without the aid of News and Newspapers.

SN Social

Psychology Today

Psychology Today offers an impressive array of blogs on just about any mental health topic, while the Sporting News features SN Social as a column on the right side of most of its pages.

For more sources of specialized blogs, please visit the master list on the right side of this page.

Blog Master List

News Blog Master List

Newspaper Blogs

New York Times Please remember, the New York Times limits users to five(5) free articles per month. After that you can access the New York Times with ProQuest step by step.

Wall Street Journal. Columnists and commentary abound in the menu below the title. The Wall Street Journal locks down most of its content. To break the blocks, search the Wall Street Journal via ProQuest. There is even a handout to teach you how step by step.

Los Angeles Times The Los Angeles Times now has a paywall. You can read all the columns you wish for free, via ProQuest News and Newspapers.

Washington Post The Washington Post still has blogs. IT also has a paywall. Once you exhaust your quota of free articles, you can read more through ProQuest News and Newspapers.

Magazines and E-Zines


National Review Open the top menu for columnists an columns.

Specialized Blogs/Magazines

Discover Magazine

Psychology Today

Sporting News Sporting News' blogs are now under Writers. Opinion

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Accessible front page articles on the threat of nuclear war, dangers of artificial intelligence, climate change, and more.

Forbes' Op-Ed page. Forbes requires you to disable your ad blocker.


Library Journal Opnion.

American Libraries Columns

Not Quite Blogs or Not Quite Magazines


Arts and Letters Daily

Scientific American Blogs

PLOS Blogs

BMC Blog Network

Put Some Butter on It! A curated blog roll that includes plenty of credible if biased writing.

Searchable News on Google

Searchable News with Google

Google News brings full text headline articles and feature stories from newspapers, some magazines, wire services, and television stations to your computer screen.

Google News Categories

You can search Google News just as you would Google, but choosing a category from the sidebar at the left about half way down the page brings better results. To search in a particular publication or for more complex searching, click on the small Advanced news search link near the top of the window.

To just browse interesting headlines, look in the Spotlight box on the right side of the window.

To follow major stories over time, click the green, See realtime coverage link beneath major articles that appear at the top of results.

The magic green realtime link

Google News not only gives you additional relevant articles similar to the headline, but it also presents an analysis of similar stories showing the rate of coverage across several days. Google News sometimes also offers in-depth articles, opinion pieces, and/or foreign news, each in its own section as well.

A Google News coverage graph