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Making the Most of Web 2.0: General Research Guide: Mashing News and Blogs in Facebook

Web 2.0 delivers credible, current, and exciting information. Learn how to put Web 2.0 resources to work for you.

Bringing News and Blogs to Facebook

Bringing News and Blogs to Facebook

This is Facebook

News headlines, special interest features, and blog updates can enrich and enliven your experience with social media. There are an assortment of ways to integrate your favorite news sites, blogs, and/or feeds with the Facebook and Google platforms. The methods vary in their power and complexity.

Here is Facebook's search box

Here is a like button like what you'd find on a page First, your favorite news sources and/or blogs may have Facebook pages . To find a age, search for your favorite news source or blog by name. If your favorite news source or blog appears, then like the page. Your source's updates will appear in your News Feed, and you can visit your source by clicking the link which is on its page.

PRIVACY ALERT: liking pages on Facebook automatically sends information to marketers. This influences the "targeted" ads that Facebook shows you.

If you don't like the idea of anonymous eyes watching you, bookmarking your favorite news sources' pages by mentioning it in your status and timeline can be a great alternative to liking them.

Sports Illustrated's mixed martial arts pages
choosing to write a note with a link

Sometimes, however, your favorite news source or blog does not have a fan page, or you would prefer not to tell marketers your likes or even share them with your "friends." For those time, Facebook offers private notes, which of course can include links.

To write a note, leave your profile and enter the main part of Facebook. Under apps is an icon for notes. If you don't see it immediately, click more. Then choose notes.

Next, write your note including your link. Unlike notices on your timeline, notes don't get buried as easily. Espeically if you can remember their names.

Here is a note being written
don't forget those privacy settings

When you finish your note, make sure to adjust your privacy settings. Facebook lets you hide this note from every one but yourself if you want to keep your reading interests private, or you can share with only a few select friends.