POLS 4422: NGOs and World Politics

A starting point for research on NGOs and world politics.

Scholarly+ Books

To search for scholarly books in the GSU Library (print or ebooks/online), use the Library's Catalog search:

  1. Go to Library's homepage
  2. In the "Search Within" menu, select "Library Catalog"
  3. Get searching!


Where Is The Book I Need?

Start by going to the library home page (library.gsu.edu). 

  • Select the Catalog tab
  • Search GSU holdings only, or change the drop-down menu to University System of Georgia to expand your search scope.
  • Select Advanced Search to include more details in your search.

Here are a few results from a search for global water crisis.

  • Notice that the first book listed is available at the Law Library (you have access to books at the law library; you would have to go there to check out this book)
  • The second book listed is at the Dunwoody campus library (you have to request that it be sent to the Atlanta campus if you want to check it out; if you do not know how to do that, contact the library for assistance)
  • The third book is at the Atlanta campus library on the 5th floor
  • The fourth book is an online e-book
  • The fifth book is at Clarkson and other locations (you would have to click on the link to see the other locations).

Can't find the book you're looking for?

Request it!

You can request that we get the book from other libraries. GilExpress is a service for getting books from other universities in the USG system. Interlibrary Loan is a service for getting books from outside the USG system. And if you live near certain colleges in the Atlanta area, you can get a temporary borrowers card from the GSU Library to check out books from these libraries (ARCHE).

Browse The Stacks

Identify a call-number area that has books on your topic, and physically browse through the books there.

Search Other Libraries

Emory - Use your Panther Card to check out books at Emory, or request through Interlibrary Loan

Worldcat - North American libraries and beyond - Request these books through Interlibrary Loan

Librarian Charlene

Where's My Book?

When you search GIL-Find, GSU Library's Online catalog, get this information to find the book:

  • Call number
  • Location
  • Status (Checked Out, Not Checked Out, Renewed, etc.)

These web pages provide more information

Still can't find your book?

  • Ask for help at the User Services desk on Library North 1.