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Personal Librarian Program: Home

Look here to find out more information about what your Personal Librarian can do for you!

What is a personal librarian?

A Personal Librarian is your guide to the Georgia State University Library! We know the transition to college can be tough. We want to help you take advantage of everything the Library has to offer and achieve academic success. Think of your personal librarian as your individual contact and connection to the library as you start out here at GSU. 

What can your Personal Librarian do for you?

  • Help you find a specific book or article via the GSU library or in another library  

  • Help you navigate the library’s physical and electronic resources  

  • Demonstrate how to use library databases and other technology 

  • Answer any questions you have about the library’s resources and services 

  • Keep you informed with emails about library programming and give you helpful tips 

  • Meet you one-on-one for consultations or via chat if you are away from campus 

  • Guide you in identifying relevant databases and searching methods for a paper, assignment, or project 

  • Show you how to cite your resources and make sure you know how to avoid plagiarism 

  • Put you in touch with other academic departments or support services to help you as you settle in here at GSU  

Science and Data Visualization Librarian

Profile Photo
Rachel Chandler

Subject Librarian

Profile Photo
Leslie Madden
Library South
Suite 542


Profile Photo
Laura Carscaddon
Library South 542 (Subject Librarian suite)


Profile Photo
Jason Puckett
Library South (by appointment)
Subjects: Anthropology

Nursing, Health Professions, and Data Services Librarian

Profile Photo
Joel Glogowski

Outreach Librarian for Public Health & Gerontology

Profile Photo
Bethany Havas

To find out your Personal Librarian:


Email Laura Carscaddon