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Open Education: Open Access Week Events 2021

Open Access Week 2021

The GSU Library Celebrates Open Access Week: October 25-31, 2021


How the library can help with ebooks and ebook chapters for your Spring course

Tuesday, October 26 |10:00am - 10:45am

Presented by Denise George, Education Librarian and Affordable Learning Georgia Library Champion

For instructors building out a course, searching for content can be time consuming, and locating content that considers affordability adds another layer of time. Ebooks and ebook chapters provided by the library can help ease financial burdens for students and time constraints for instructors.

From renowned academic publishers such as Cambridge, Wiley, Sage, and Taylor and Francis to open educational resources like those found in SUNY Open Textbooks, Open BC Textbooks, and OAPEN, the Faculty Select database covers a variety freely available options. The database also includes features that can help instructors locate library provided course content, open content, and course content the library can purchase with your request.

Some key features of the Faculty Select database include:

  • Cover to cover previews. Preview the ebook to determine whether the ebook or individual chapters will work for your course. (Previews are able for many but not all books)
  • Persistent links. You’ll immediately get access to a link to add to your course when the content is either paid for by the library or openly available.
  • Request ebooks/chapters: If you find content through Faculty Select that the library does not own, you can easily request that we purchase it for your course

In this session, we'll review the Faculty Select database and discuss other course content related questions.

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Creative Commons Basics

Wednesday, October 27 |3:30-4:00pm

Presented by Lauren Bellard, Urban Studies Librarian

In this presentation, GSU Librarian Lauren Bellard will cover the basics of Creative Commons (CC) licensing. She will provide an overview of the history and mission of the CC organization, the six different types of CC license options, how the licenses work with copyright law, and using and creating CC-licensed work. Lauren will share her slides and links to the many additional resources available. 

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Learn about an ALG Mini-Grant OER Collaboration between a professor & a librarian!

Thursday, October 28 | 3:00

Presented by Dr. Kathy Dolan, Sociology Professor and Jennie Law, Assistant Professor & Librarian

Join us to learn about the creation of an ALG Mini Grant's organizational framework and deliverables, the incorporation of the materials into Professor Dolan's courses, the ongoing stewardship of the outward facing materials, and the Clarkston library's future plans for subject specific programming. We'll also talk about how we used our respective experience and knowledge to successfully fulfill the grant's charge.

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GSU Professors Making Textbooks more Affordable: A Panel presentation

Friday, October 29 | 2pm-3pm

The GSU Library in coordination with the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies presents a panel discussion on open and affordable course materials. The high costs of course materials can be prohibitive for students and can influence academic success, course throughput rates, and more. In this panel discussion, we will hear from GSU professors, librarians, and instructional design specialists about how they created and adopted free or affordable course materials. 

  • Digital Textbook for Principles of Chemistry I
    • Antara Dutta, Associate Professor in the Physical Sciences
    • Maher Atteya, Co-PI, Professor, Perimeter College GSU
    • Mary Ann Cullen, Librarian Assistant Professor, Assoc. Dept. Head. Perimeter College GSU
    • Jeremy Speeds-Schwartz ( Learning Designer, CETLOE)
    • Dr. Ahmed Baosman, Professor in the Chemistry Department
  •  Cloud Computing & Application Development for CIS485
    • Shuguang Hong, Clinical Associate Professor and associate chair in Computer Information Systems
    • Rubena Cela, Instructional Design Specialist, GSU CETLOE
  •  Introduction to Social Work for SW200
    • Jan Ligon, Associate Professor and Undergraduate Program Director in the School of Social Work
    • Jan M. Ivery, PhD, Assistant Dean for Academic Programs in the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies

These projects were made possible through Affordable Learning Georgia’s Affordable Materials Grants. Requests for Proposals can be found at:

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