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University Reporter (MRI+): Home

What is MediaMark Reporter?

University Reporter (formerly MediaMark Reporter or MRI+) is a database that contains information about purchasers of brands, product types and media consumers. The data is drawn from MRI's Survey of the American Consumer. Each year the survey is issued to 25,000 consumers in their homes. Interviewers observe and verify household and respondent characteristics and collect demographic and media usage data. The survey focuses on product and media data.

  • Product: these focus on specific brands (such as Ford) or product type (like energy drinks). In the reports you can find information about who buys or uses the product/brand, including age, race, household income plus magazines, websites and cable channels they report watching.
  • Media : focus on the media habits of specific demographic groups, including magazines, websites and cable channels watched.

Setting Up an Account

You will need to register an account to use University Reporter

  1. Email Dan Le to get your MRI+ Registration Code.
  2. Go to University Reporter and click the Register link
  3. From the ensuing page create your account by entering:
    • The registration code as provided
    • Your GSU email address
    • A password that you create
  4. Check your GSU email for a confirmation and click on the link provided
  5. Go to University Reporter and sign in with your email address and password

Note:  The registration code changes every year. Additionally, each account expires every 6 months (June 30th and December 31st each year). You will need to re-register after those dates. The Registration Code, though, is good for the entire calendar year. If you register in January you can use the same registration code to re-register the following July.