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DISCLAIMER: Copyright and open access are large fields, and this guide only covers a small part. The primary focus of the guide is on use of open access materials by University System of Georgia instructors operating under the University System of Georgia Copyright Policy. Contact the Georgia State University Office of Legal Affairs with questions in general or about specific situations.

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Links About Open Access

ScholarWorks @ GSU

ScholarWorks @ Georgia State University is the open access repository for Georgia State Scholarship. 

Georgia State University Library has an agreement with Cambridge University Press. If you are a GSU corresponding author your can publish your article Open Access - at no cost to you - in gold OA and hybrid journals. Eligible article types are listed here. Additional details are here.

What is Open Access?

Open Access:

  • is information that is:
    • Free to read
    • Unrestricted
    • Online
  • is a movement that wants to increase information access and innovation.
  • usually refers to open access publishing, particularly of scholarly communication in academia.
  • may be an answer to the serials / scholarly communication crisis, which refers to the system where information is locked up in subscription journals and databases whose prices keep rising (as library and university budgets stagnate or decrease) and universities and libraries are forced to pay for the creation of the research as well as to buy it back through subscriptions.
  • is about the democratization of information and knowledge.
  • is carried out largely through open access journals, subject specific and institutional repositories, where research is posted online for anyone to access. These are indexed by Google and other search engines increasing visibility and impact of the research.


Want to see if there's an Open Access resource in your subject area (and there probably is)? Try here!

Interdisciplinary Open Access Resources

There are so many open access resources for finding journals, journal articles, and books that we can't possibly list them all. But here are a few of the biggest & best with interdisciplinary coverage.

Local Open Access

Open Access is happening everywhere, even right here at Georgia State! Check out these local OA resources.

Government Open Access

Many of the resources the U.S. Government produces are considered open access. Check these out!

Open Access Multimedia